How Planning A Getaway With Friends Ends Up Like

How Planning A Getaway With Friends Ends Up Like

Weekends are rough when you have friends who don’t understand the concept on coordination and mutual understanding. If you’re sitting at home and reading this, you have the worst friends one could ask for. You’ve tried to fix that quite a lot of times, but it’s always ended up being the worst decision of your life. Planning weekend getaways with your friends is a dreaded activity because you never know what might hit you and make you want to kill all of them. Here’s how planning a getaway with friends ends up like –

1. When you start getting closer to Friday, you have all these hopes of having a kickass weekend where you can forget all your worries and just relax.
2. You start asking all your friends on personal chat whether they’re up for a weekend away from town or a road trip where you can all just chill.
3. On personal chat, they’re all up for it. They’re all like let’s do this and how they’re looking forward to it. You’re shocked by this affirmative reaction but you’re happy.
4. You start planning and looking for places where you could all go. You discuss it with all the people on personal chat to decide on a place.
5. Shit starts happening as soon as you make a group. To make your life easier, you make a WhatsApp group where everyone can put forth their opinions.
6. Everyone who told you  they’ll make it to the plan suddenly take a U-turn and say how they’re aren’t really sure about being free on the weekend.
7. All this happens on a Friday where you can’t even get any new friends and ditch them all. Suddenly, everyone says they’re not too sure. It’s always a ‘maybe’, never a ‘no’.
8. You try your level best to make it work, coordinating with everyone, sacrificing your personal life (whatever is left of it), but your friends really don’t care.
9. On a Friday night, with a full weekend ahead with no plans, you just end up sobbing on your bed wondering why do you even socialize with these idiots.
10. And then it’s the weekend. You’ve deleted the group, said ‘get lost’ to many people and plan to binge watch TV shows the whole weekend.

And the cycle continues. 

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