Problems All Roommates Go Through Together

Problems All Roommates Go Through Together

Roommates are blessings (if you’re lucky enough). From tackling household issues to dealing with personal problems, they share all the problems with you.

They become your family away from family. Following are certain problems all roommates go through together –

1. Landlord Problems

Some landlords are straight out of Disney movies. They’re sweet, welcoming and easy to deal with. But there are some landlords who are straight out of Game Of Thrones. They’ll always find ways to pester you and won’t give up until they’ve had the last piece of your flesh. The good part, however, is that you don’t have to deal with them alone. Roommates help out in dealing with landlords, making life a tad easier.

Problems All Roommates Go Through Together

2. Cleaning Problems

When you’re away from home, you have to do everything yourself. From cooking to cleaning the dishes, it’s all on you. The best part about having a co-operative roommate is that these problems aren’t yours alone. The work gets divided, everybody does their bit and it turns out just fine. You don’t have to be dealing with all the junk of last night’s party alone. It’s everyone’s mess.

Problems All Roommates Go Through Together

3. Maid Problems

If there’s anything that scares the life out of people living in metro cities, it is dealing with maids. You cannot get too corny because you need help, and you can’t be too chill because they will start taking you for granted. This is where it’s necessary to play the good cop, bad cop game. At least one of you will pretend to be really strict, which sorts out everyone’s problem. The work gets done and you don’t have to work it out alone.

Problems All Roommates Go Through Together

4. Rent Problems

There are some months when you are super rich, ready to throw money off your balcony. And then there are some months when you sit down someone’s balcony hoping they’ll throw out some money. In both the cases, you’ve got to pay rent. This is where roommates come in. They’ll cover for you when you’re in trouble and make sure you don’t get thrown out of the house. Obviously, you pay them back, but they’ll take care in case you’re broke for the month.

Problems All Roommates Go Through Together

5. Life Problems

There’s nothing someone needs more than a shoulder to cry on when life gets the best of them. When you really don’t feel like doing anything, your roommate will make sure you cheer up and be your badass self. They’ll give you a pep-talk when you want it and silence when you need it. Just non-judgmental, uncompromising friendship is what you can get from your roommate who’ll make sure you feel better soon. Life problems become ten times easier to deal with when they’re by your side.

Problems All Roommates Go Through Together

Roommates are homies.

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