Things That Happen When You Have A Brother

Things That Happen When You Have A Brother

Sibling relationships are the most evil things in the world. One can easily identify if a person has a sibling when they are extremely paranoid, always suspicious about things and always talk in a passive aggressive tone. All this is because sibling relationships are all about these things. They are so used to all this that is becomes a part of their life. Having a brother is a extremely tedious activity that involves a lot of attention, paranoia and revenge. Following are certain things that happen when you have a brother –

1. No Peace
You don’t have any kind of peace in life. After a day’s work when you come back home to chill and relax for some time, it is impossible when you have a brother who will always find ways to irritate you with everything. Be it taking your earphones or using your laptop without permission, they will always try to get your attention because they are basically psychos.

2. No Privacy
If you thought that being a guy, your brother would respect your privacy, you’re wrong. They are the most nosy people in the family. They want to know everything that goes on in your life, sometimes more than your mother, because they have no friends in reality. Nothing interesting happens in their lives, especially the younger brothers which is why they give you no privacy.

3. No Sense
Everything brothers say makes little or sometimes, no sense at all. You really wonder how on earth could you be sharing blood with someone who has no brains of his at all. People only joke about they’re siblings being adopted, but you believe your brother is really adopted. You being an intelligent and sophisticated person could no way in hell be related to a buffoon.

4. No Maturity
No matter how old brothers get, their maturity level will always be that of an infant just learning to talk. They may be at their deathbed but they won’t stop making faces at you. This becomes evident when you both are having an argument that is supposed to be valid but he when he sees he can’t win it, he’ll do some child level nonsense to make you wonder why you put up with him.

5. No Hate
Your brother may be stupid, arrogant, immature and downright idiotic, but you know you cannot escape from this relationship. They may irritate you to a point where you really consider murdering them but you know you can’t, because there are laws and also because you low key love them. This love-pretend hate relationship is one in which you’re stuck for life and you’re okay with it.

Brothers are douches.

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