Things Friend Series Teach Us about Coliving

If there’s one TV show that captured the hilarious and sometimes chaotic world of coliving and roommates, it’s the beloved series “Friends.” With its unforgettable characters and their zany adventures, this sitcom has taught us some valuable (and downright hilarious) lessons about navigating the ups and downs of sharing a space with friends. So, let’s dive into the quirky universe of “Friends” and uncover the wacky wisdom it imparts on coliving and roommates!

  1. The Art of Door Privacy
  2. The Kitchen Conundrum
  3. The Roommate Language
  4. The Drama (and Comedy) of Conflict
  5. The Power of Supportive Friends

The Art of Door Privacy

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The TV show “Friends” illustrates how privacy can be elusive when living with others. Whether it’s Monica’s obsessive cleaning or Joey’s tendency to borrow food, the characters frequently intrude on each other’s personal space. The show emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and respecting each other’s privacy, even in unconventional circumstances, to preserve one’s sanity.

Lesson: Invest in a “Do Not Disturb” sign or a quirky door hanger to ensure your roommates get the message when you need some alone time. Who knows, maybe a hanging “Privacy Ninja” sign might do the trick!

The Kitchen Conundrum

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The cast of “Friends” is skilled in transforming a kitchen into a battleground of cooking mishaps and battles over fridge space. From Ross’s treasured moist-maker sandwich being consumed to Monica’s carefully labeled leftovers disappearing, the show teaches us that sharing a kitchen requires a sense of humor and the ability to forgive the occasional food mishap.

Lesson: Learn to set up a food storage system and have open communication about sharing grocery expenses and kitchen duties. Who knows, you might even develop your own humorous food-related traditions like “Joey’s Jam Jar” or “Phoebe’s Funky Fridge Art.”

The Roommate Language

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“Friends” demonstrates that living with roommates involves mastering a unique language filled with inside jokes, nicknames, and obscure references. Whether it’s Ross’s “pivot” obsession, Joey’s iconic “How you doin’?” catchphrase, or Phoebe’s outlandish songs, the show reminds us that language can become a bonding tool and make the coliving experience even more fun.

Lesson: Lesson: Embrace the quirkiness and develop your own roommate language. Invent silly catchphrases or create secret codes for everyday situations. Just remember to bring your sense of humor along for the ride!

The Drama (and Comedy) of Conflict

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Living with roommates can sometimes resemble a real-life soap opera, and “Friends” knows how to deliver the drama! Ross and Rachel’s infamous relationship rollercoaster, Chandler’s sarcastic remarks, and Monica’s obsession with cleanliness all contribute to a comedic clash of personalities. Through their hilarious conflicts, the show teaches us that even the craziest situations can be resolved with a good dose of laughter and understanding.

Lesson: When facing a conflict, consider using humor to ease the tension. You could arrange a “Conflict Resolution Olympics” or establish a “Wall of Shame” where amusing notes are displayed instead of complaints. Keep in mind that sharing a laugh can be a powerful tool in resolving problems.

The Power of Supportive Friends

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Most importantly, “Friends” showcases the importance of having a supportive group of roommates. Despite any challenges that arise, the characters remain loyal to one another, offering comfort during difficult times, rejoicing in accomplishments, and providing unwavering love and friendship. They serve as an example of how roommates can transform into a chosen family.

Lesson: Embrace the bond you share with your roommates and create a supportive environment. Plan movie nights, game marathons, or spontaneous dance parties. Make your coliving space a place where you can be yourself, lean on each other, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


“Friends” reminds us that coliving and roommates can be a wild and unforgettable adventure. From navigating privacy issues to tackling kitchen chaos, the show’s comedic wisdom offers valuable lessons on how to survive (and thrive) in a quirky shared living universe. So, grab your lobster buddies and embark on your own hilarious coliving journey, because life is always better when you’re surrounded by friends who make you laugh.

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