Every brother sister relationship in the world

If you have a brother or a sister, everything that follows is something you will relate to. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult, a teenager or a kid, everything in the world has the ability to mature, except for a brother sister relationship. You both might be on death bed, but still have an argument about who has the remote. Sometimes you want to pull each other’s cheeks, sometimes you want to watch them burn, that’s a brother sister relationship for you all. Following are certain things that happen in every brother sister relationship in the world –

1. Bipolar Relationship

If you want to understand what bipolar means, observe a sibling duo for one day. A brother sister relationship is the most bipolar relationship on this planet. At 1:00 in the afternoon, you might see them feeding each other, and at 1:05 you’ll see them running behind each other with a knife. This major shift happens within seconds, so don’t even try to track where it went wrong. Suddenly somewhere in between one of them will realize what the other did two days ago, and bam! Expect the unexpected was a phrase made to describe exactly what happens between a brother and a sister on hourly basis.

2. Partners in stupidity

You’re generally a stupid person who has weird things going on inside the mind 24×7, but you can’t be stupid around your friends or relatives. So who do you turn to? Another stupid person who you know is more stupid than you are; your brother/sister. No matter how insane you might be, you can always trust your sibling to be more insane than you. Which is why whenever you have anything ‘unacceptable under society norms’ kind of things to do, you talk to them. Things like throwing water balloons on random people and quickly hiding is something you can only do with your sibling.

3. Television night

In every Indian household, this one occasion that’s supposed to be entertaining is dreaded by parents. Television Night is mostly a Saturday or Sunday night where the whole family tries to take a break from the world and sit in front of the television. The outcome of this event is supposed to be a chill session, but it turns out to be a Spartan war. Brother has a football match to see and sister has a favourite movie. There’s no backing down from both sides and Television Night turns into “main isko maar dunga/dungi” night. The only solution to this is either a tight slap from one of the parent or “koi nahi dekhega tv, sab so jaao”. And you sleep.

4. Tit for tat 2.0

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘Tit For Tat’. In usual context, it means you get what you give. But in a brother sister relationship, it’s more mathematical. The equation is ‘you get what you give x 2’, so let’s call this Tit For Tat 2.0. Here, if your brother hits you once, you’ll be hitting them twice. He’ll hit you back two times, and you hit them 3 times. This goes on for hours until your mom says “main ghar chhod ke chali jaaungi”. When there’s no adult around, there’s no end to this. It takes weeks, sometimes years and the best part is, you both remember the count more than your academics.

5. Mutual hatred

The perks of having a brother/sister is that you both can vent out your real feelings for a relative your parents like. You obviously can’t tell your parents how much you hate that mami who keeps picking on you lowkey because they won’t believe you. You know your sibling is also a victim of this, so you both get together and talk about her. You’ll make your own inside jokes about her and quickly look at each other’s face when she enters your house. You have made plans of how when she dies, you both will be rejoicing and celebrating. Every brother and sister have this mutual hatred for one relative.

6. Daily Insults

If you need a crash course on instant insults, go to a friend who has a brother/sister. Take permission from to to video capture one of their daily fights with their sibling and be amazed. The insults directed towards to the sibling ranges from “you’re stupid” to “tu chor”, and when it reaches to a point where they just call each other some random animal, you’ll know they both don’t know what was the point of this fight to begin with, but now they’re both in this deep, they can’t quit. The only way to stop them is walk away and let them keep doing this drama till they’re both hungry.

Every brother sister relationship in the world

But in the end, you know there’s no survival without them. No matter how much they piss you off, siblings are more than your better half. When you’re living away, you realize how much fun they brought into your life. On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, don’t hold back. Call them and tell them how much you miss them. Gift your sisters with something they’ll remember you by. But them tickets for their favourite movie, or surprise them with a meal. After all, it’s all about showing how much you love them.

Happy Bhai Dooj!

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