If You Were Honest At Work

If You Were Honest At Work

The dreaded day is here. It feels like the weekend doesn’t like any of us too much. It just always passes by leaving us with Monday. And the worst part about Monday? Going to work, pretending to like people and be completely dishonest. Because let’s face it, if you said what you really wanted to say, you’d be penniless. But if in a hypothetical, made up universe where you wouldn’t be fired for speaking your mind, things would be different. In the real world, however, this is what would happen if you were honest at work –

1. Honest Opinions
Every time you’re in a meeting, there will be a person who comes up with the worst ideas ever but you are forced to appreciate their shitty ideas because of some social protocol. If you were honest for just one day, you could just say out loud that it’s the stupidest idea that has occurred to any human being, something which everyone wants to say but no one really wants the drama in life.

If You Were Honest At Work

2. Honest Hatred
There’s always this one person that you hate wherever you go. Even if it’s the public transport, you can look at someone’s face and know how you’ll never be liking them in this world. The same thing happens at workplace, but here you’re forced to work with them peacefully. If you were honest, you could just tell that person on their face that you hate them and the mere sight of them pisses you off like nothing else.

If You Were Honest At Work

3. Honest Reactions
You know how at work when someone asks you about how they look, and you’re forced to say they look like they’ve dressed up for red carpet but in reality they look like a duck was made to put on clothes on roam around? You would be able to say how they really looked like and why they need to seek help from a fashion consultant immediately. You would be able to laugh on their face without fearing about anything.

If You Were Honest At Work

4. Honest Feelings
You know how you like someone at work, and every time you see them, your crush on them intensifies but you’re forced to see them flirting with everyone else and not you? Sucks. However, if you were allowed to be honest, you could just tell them. It would be saving so much of your and their time, as you know everyone they flirt with is worthless. But then again, you would probably end up making a fool of yourself because that’s just who you are.

If You Were Honest At Work

5. Honest Punching In The Face
There are a lot of times you just want to punch someone in the same but you cannot because you were raised right and also because then you would get into trouble with the HR and everything. It’s just a lot of risk to take for being pissed off at someone. But, if you were honest, you would be punching many people in their faces without stopping, because that’s how much you hate them all. Sucks that you can’t do it.

If You Were Honest At Work

If only this was possible.

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