Making Plans On WhatsApp

Making Plans On WhatsApp

Everyone needs a squad. To get through difficult times or just to forget about everything and enjoy, our squad is what we need. But it isn’t always easy. The toughest part of to coordinate with everyone for a plan. The bigger a squad is, the bigger problems occur. These plans are often made¬†over WhatsApp. WhatsApp groups are made especially to discuss plans, like a virtual squad meeting. And man, a lot of shit goes down there.¬†This is what it’s like to be making plans on WhatsApp –

1. Agreement
It all starts with this one person taking an initiative to work out a plan. No, they’re not jobless. They just need a vacation and just because others won’t do it, they take the task upon themselves to work out this plan. A group is made by this person where they add everyone who RSVP-ed yes for the plan. This is where a place, date and mode of traveling is decided.

2. Disagreement
When everything is laid out, the fight begins. This is where the initiator feels why did they decide to take a break from their monotonous life and fall into this pit of dealing with people and their drama. What follows is a series of disagreements between people who wouldn’t do anything by themselves but love to find faults in everything.

3. Arguments
Disagreements quickly escalate to arguments between people in the group who have made it their responsibility to disrupt every plan by initiating a fight. This arguments starts from something and ends in a completely irrelevant topic. the initiator by this time is like “fuck this shit, my bad”. And everyone knows what happens after arguments take place in a group.

4. Group Leaving
Yep, this happens. There’s this one person who will leave the group either by becoming irritated by receiving too many messages on the chat or just by putting forth their useless opinion and leaving so that they don’t have to hear the other person’s point of view. What follows is a chain of people exiting the group who didn’t even have a role in the fight.

5. Home Sweet Home
The initiator of the plan then realizes something that he already knows. Making plans with people is a waste of time. This activity doesn’t bear any fruits and it’s always going to be like this. This is the exact reason why solo trips are becoming a thing. After wasting about two days on this useless coordination, they realize staying home is the best thing to do.

Let’s go Goa guys!

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