Drunk People

Why Drunk People Are The Best

Let me explain to you how the life of an average person in their 20s works. Five days a week, they slog hard at work, all in the hope of partying the two days they would get as a gift in the face of Saturday and Sunday. Do you think they would want to spend the two days sober? OH HELL NO! That’s not happening. They make the most of these two days, gearing up for another five days of slogging. Every weekend, there are a lot of drunk people everywhere. Drunk people are better than sober people. If there was ever a comparison between sober and drunk people, the latter would always win for being the real, good guys. Here’s why drunk people are the best –

1. Collective shots
Drunk people never do things alone after being drunk. If it’s another round of shots, it’s ordered for each and every one, irrespective of whether they know them or not. Being with a drunk people means drinking non-stop because they believe that everyone is in this game together. They’re such team players, aren’t they?

Drunk People

2. Free advice for all
Ever been with a drunk person? You know how they love to talk and talk and talk, throwing free advice at everyone they meet. That’s such a nice thing to do, don’t you think? Being the guru everybody needs or doesn’t need. Got a problem? Go to someone who is drunk, doesn’t matter if you need them or not. And now you have a solution.

Drunk People

3. Looking out for others
When there are a bunch of drunk people hanging out together, they always look out for every person. They might not be in the physical condition to take care of their selves, but they sure do know how to take care of others. They’ll make sure the person who is completely out safely out, even when they might be on the verge of dying themselves.

Drunk People

4. One motto: Dance with everyone
With drunk people, it’s always about “Let’s dance!”, they can never get enough of it. You might be sitting in the corner, sipping your alcohol, grooving you head to the music. They’ll spot you from far, assume that you want to dance but are feeling really shy and grab you to the dance floor. You don’t really have a choice though.

Drunk People

5. No masks
Drunk people are the most real people you can find. Being sober is all about wearing a mask, pretending to be nice to everyone but feeling completely different on the inside. But when people are drunk, they show their original self to you, and it’s the sweetest thing in the world. No masks, no pretentions, just real people.

Drunk People

Drunk people, you rock!

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