Black Panther

Black Panther Review

Marvel is back with yet another movie that is soaring high at the box office. Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman in the titular role is the talk of the town and here’s why is deserves every bit of the praise –

1. Story of Wakanda
In Civil War, we got to know about Wakanda, late King T’Chaka’s kingdom that has now been passed to his son, T’Challa. All that we have been hearing about Wakanda in Marvel movies is brought to life in Black Panther, and let’s just say, we would all want to be there. It’s the land of diverse culture, tech and good people.

Black Panther

2. A tale of bravery
Black Panther is the story of T’Challa who has been made the king and protector of Wakanda after his father’s death. He hasn’t really done all this before and although he’s really sceptical about being a good king, he doesn’t shy away from taking the challenge. Giving it his best shot, T’Challa does everything according to what’s best for his people.

Black Panther

3. Families and relationships
The best thing about Black Panther is how it beautifully displays emotions based on human ties. Be it T’Challa’s family at Wakanda, his complicated yet sweet relationship with ex Nakia, or the incredibly cute moments shared between Suri and Ross. Every relationship is brought out incredibly well in the movie.

Black Panther

4. Suri’s tech lab
Oh, what all would we do to be in Suri’s tech lab! That is the place where the magic happens. Suri is T’Challa younger sister who is smart, funny and incredibly talented. She builds suits and all tech-related stuff for his brother. Vibranium, the steel used to make Cap’s shield, has more powers than we anticipated. Suri makes use of Vibranium for everything in her lab which makes us wonder what all is Vibranium really capable of.

Black Panther

5. Marvel’s plot for Infinity War
In a few months, Avenger’s Infinity War will be upon us. It has been a highly anticipated movie for a long time, and now, the stage is really set. With all these characters uniting together on screen to fight against Thanos, Marvel’s Infinity War is going to be an epic saga to witness. Honestly, all of us have been born ready for this.

Black Panther

Have you seen it yet?

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