Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day To You

Yes, it’s that day of the year when single people have the most unhappy feeling inside. They act all tough and unaffected from the outside, but we all know the crave for being with someone.

Who said Valentine’s Day is about loving another person? Why can’t you love yourself? Why can’t you be your own Valentine? Get out of your house and celebrate Valentine’s Day alone as you should. Here’s what all you can do –

1. Make it a movie night. Watch all empowering movies about single people who didn’t need anyone else in life to be their best versions.

2. Do what you love doing. Spend some quality time writing, drawing, or just doing anything that makes you the happiest.

Valentine's Day

3. Get your dancing shoes on, play the weirdest songs that you love and dance till you drop. Just let all go alone, all by yourself.

4. Make your favorite food or order it from outside. Binge-watch a TV show that you really wanted to see from a long time.

Valentine's Day

5. Get many wine bottles for yourself. Eat, drink, play slow music, sway to it and read a book after. It’s the best thing to do.

6. If you don’t feel like spending Valentine’s Day alone, call up your other single friend and make a dinner plan with them.

Valentine's Day

7. Invite your single gals for a girl’s night in and do crazy stuff. Everyone know girl’s night in are the best cure for anything.

8. Call your boy best friend and be pretend couples. Imitate all the cheesy things couples do and have a great laugh over it.

Valentine's Day

9. Spend Valentine’s Day amidst trees. Make them your pals, talk to them. Being around nature is the best thing ever. You should do it.

10. Go to AIB’s Pyaar Ek Dhokha Hai event at Lower Parel and have the best time of your life with 5000 other single people like you.

Valentine's Day

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