How To React To Drama At Workplace

How To React To Drama At Workplace

Drama is omnipresent. You walk out of your house and you’ll see drama happening. Sometimes, you don’t even have to go outside your house to see drama, it happens in your life too. Workplaces are no different. Wherever there are two or more people, drama is bound to happen. When you’re not a part of it, you have to react in a certain way so you don’t become a part. Here’s how to react to drama at workplace –

1. Eavesdrop
The best way to react to drama at workplace is listening to it from a distance. You don’t want to get too close because that might get you involved. You also don’t want to ignore because you’ll be missing out on the entertainment. So you eavesdrop and listen to everything they say. It’s more fun this way.


2. Listen to both sides
Another way of being a part of the drama is pretending to care about both the sides. You have a life, you know this drama won’t affect you in any way. But you’re also very bored at work. So you go to both the parties and ask about their woes, trying to solve the mess when in reality, you really don’t care.

How To React To Drama At Workplace

3. Gossip about it
If you’re feeling like you can use some of this drama to make friends at work or use it your advantage in some way, gossip about it. Tell everyone who don’t even know about whom the issue is. Doing this will make you friends with like minded people who like a little bit of nonsense to make their lives interesting.

How To React To Drama At Workplace

4. Ignore
If you’re one of those people who don’t like minding their own business, you could just put your earphones on and pretend that you’re not really listening. If gossip and other people stressing over petty issues doesn’t seem entertaining to you, you should probably just mind your own business.

How To React To Drama At Workplace

5. Sit like a statue
Another way of reacting to drama is sitting like you can’t move until people forget that you’re there. This way, you can get them to spill more beans about the drama, which they wouldn’t have if you kept showing your presence. It’s a good break from all the work you don’t have and a good way to feel better about your life.

How To React To Drama At Workplace

Drama is a good distraction.

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