Why You Should Marry French Fries

Why You Should Marry French Fries

It’s French Fries day, and honestly, I’m quite disappointed that they are not celebrated everyday. Fries are the best thing to happen to humanity, after pizza of course. If you haven’t found your significant other yet, stop looking. On French Fries Day, commit yourself to French Fries, for here are some reasons why you should marry French Fries –

1. Goes with everything
Be it burgers, pizzas or sizzlers, fries compliment every delicacy and make it a thousand times better. If you don’t feel like pairing it with another food, you can enjoy them with ketchup too. You don’t have to worry about them tasting different because they will always be the same, they don’t need anybody else.

Why You Should Marry French Fries

2. Have various types
Curly fries, cheesy fries, chilly cheese or regular, there are many fries available in this world that you can choose from depending upon how you like them. It’s not like eating the same type of fries for the rest of your life. When married to them, you don’t have to worry about monotony because everyday is a new surprise.

Why You Should Marry French Fries

3. Don’t have demands
Fries don’t have any demands. They don’t ask you stupid questions. They don’t judge you when you put ketchup all over them or put it at the side (although people will judge you for doing the former). They don’t tell you what to do and trust you with themselves. Fries never ask you for anything, they just give and give.

Why You Should Marry French Fries

4. Exist to please you
The very existence of fries is to please human beings. They don’t have any other function. How many people can you say about that? Fries won’t shift their attention to anything else. For them, you are their life. Instead of giving all that important time to people, dedicate it to fries who are going to be there, always.

Why You Should Marry French Fries

5. Won’t stop loving you
Fries, or food in general, don’t stop loving you. They won’t get up the next day and tell you they don’t have the same feelings for you like they used to. It’s easier to trust food than people. They provide happiness not only to your stomach but also your heart. All people do is break hearts. Aren’t fries the best?

Why You Should Marry French Fries

Thanks for existing, French Fries.

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