Indian Stand-up Comedians

Indian Stand-up Comedians You Need To Follow

On those days when nothing seems to be amusing, you can always turn to stand-up comedy to refresh yourself. It’s so funny to watch hilarious people talk about relatable things that we all experience in day-to-day life. All you need to do is put YouTube on and follow the following Indian stand-up comedians –

1. Biswa Kalyan Rath
Hands down, Biswa is funny as hell. There’s not a joke you won’t be able to relate to, especially every person who has grown up in a middle-class family. Be it the family jokes or normal everyday stuff, he can make everything funny.

2. Kanan Gill
You may have thought Kanan Gill is more of a sketch guy, but if you have seen his stand-up show on Amazon Prime Video, you’ll know he’s funny on the mic too. Capturing the problems of relationships and more through comedy is Kanan Gill’s way.

3. Zakir Khan
Zakir Khan, or Sakt Launda, as he’s known to many, is hilarious. If you’ve seen any of his shows live or online, you’ll know that his comedy is high on entertainment and the zeal factor that perfectly describe the problems of every single guy.

4. Kunal Kamra
Pointing out the absurdities of daily life and making fun of them is what Kunal Kamra’s comedy is about. That’s what makes his jokes connect with the audience better, the relatable factor. The audience feel one with him and his comedy.

5. Abish Mathew
You’ve mostly seen him as a part of All India Bakchod’s comedy sketches and from Son of Abish. Abish Mathew is an incredible stand-up artist too. His comedy includes puns and witty jokes that will make sure you’re having a good time.

6. Atul Khatri
East India Comedy’s Atul Khatri likes to include all kinds of dad jokes in his comedy that make him every Indian dad ever. He’s funny, intelligent and witty, which you can make out from his tweets on trending issues as well.

Treat yo self with the hilarious videos of these Indian stand-up comedians. Go on!

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