Thoughts Everyone Has In Crisis

Thoughts Everyone Has In Crisis

Everyone faces crisis. Life is a summary of many crisis. It’s how we deal with them that states our mental ability. While some are absolute pros is dealing with crisis, some absolutely suck at dealing with them. The former kind of people are always ready with solutions that have been deduced after careful consideration, logical reasoning and deductions. The latter, however, always find ways to worsen their problems. They’ll make sure they have at least ten mental breakdowns before solving this problem. Then again, everyone has their own ways. No matter what your way is, following are some thoughts that everyone has in crisis –

1. I should probably pack my bags and move to another part of the world where no one knows me.

2. Now would be a great time for death to greet me and take me away to a magic land forever.

Thoughts Everyone Has In Crisis

3. I can’t decide if this problem isn’t that big or I’ve really stopped caring about things now.

4. I should call my best friend and tell him/her about it. We won’t find a solution but laugh over it.

Thoughts Everyone Has In Crisis

5. How much would a time machine cost? It would be awesome to go back to being a baby and chilling.

6. This is a great time to think about all the other problems I have in life and stress over it.

Thoughts Everyone Has In Crisis


7. How long is this issue going to last because I have to shove it away soon like I did with other problems.

8. I should probably take a nap now and leave the finding a solution part of this for maybe later.

Thoughts Everyone Has In Crisis

9. Can I just pretend to not care about this till the time I really don’t care, please? No? Okay.

10. Can I eat my way out of this one? I think better with large french fries by my side.

Thoughts Everyone Has In Crisis

Crisis, I’ll see you later.

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