Messing With Your Drunk Friends

Messing With Your Drunk Friends

Weekends are here! Another week of survival has been completed for which you should probably give yourself a pat on the back for you kept going, tiger. Go out this Saturday, you deserve this. Get your party hats on and drink away the night for you’re going to be able to do this after another week. And you know how you can have some more fun? By messing with your drunk friends. Here’s how you can do that –

1. Make up stories
Drunk people will believe anything. All you have to do is cook up some shit that they care about and they’re going to believe it. You could say that they have been barred from the club after their stupid behaviour last night and they’ll spend their whole life believing that.

2. Scare them
Drunk people get scared easily. Under the influence of alcohol, their fears intensify. All you have to do is make them believe that the thing that they fear the most is about to happen and you can watch them freak out. They’ll spend the whole night trying to divert that fear.

3. Make them believe nonsense
You know how drunk people pull up the most stupid things ever? Those ideas are put inside them by someone who was sober and was getting bored at a party. If you really want to have some fun, make them believe that a tennis ball is actually a pokeball and your work is done.

4. Draw on their face
Drunk people who pass out easily are the best. You can do all kinds of antics with them and they won’t have a clue when they wake up. The best among those antics are drawing on their face, and letting them go in the outside world with that face. Best way to mess with them.

5. Hide their things
When someone is drunk, they aren’t in a position to handle themselves, let alone handling their belongings. This is where you play an important role. Hide their things as soon as you notice them throwing it away, and the next day when they ask, say they must have left it at the club.

Have a great Saturday, ya’ll!

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