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The Lion King – A new twist to the old classic

The Lion King trailer is finally here! In 1994, an animated feature film stole our hearts.The story of Simba made us fall in love with animals all over again. The Lion King is a modern day classic.

It was so relatable. You can watch it a hundred more times and still curl up and weep in the fetal position after Mufasa’s death. Thanks to Disney and the advancement of technology, we are getting a CGI remake in the summer of 2019.

The trailer was released in November 2018 which brought up such cherished memories. Let’s get right into the Lion King trailer and know what all to expect from it –

1. Beyonce Knowles Carter

I know, I KNOW! Beyonce, our queen and saviour, is going to be voicing the cute Nala. Director Jon Favreau saw only Beyonce as Nala, which is why the team did anything and everything to hire the singer for the role. It would be interesting to see Beyonce play the character and bring it to life.

Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce – The Queen

2. Simba’s journey

Donald Glover plays Simba in the movie. Simba was a hero when we first saw the movie. His journey is the central to the story and we are all beyond excited to see how this CGI remake portrays the whole movie.

The trailer and poster shows how young Simba has to fill in the big ‘paws’ of his father. We all are waiting to see how it turns out!

Simba - The Lion King

3. Mufasa’s death

If I had to rank painful movie deaths, I would include Mufasa’s death among the top ten. The movie took a very unexpected and dark turn.

It will be heartbreaking to watch it once again, this time it being more real. The whole scene is going to be extremely painful to watch but we’re ready cry our eyes out!

Mufasa - The Lion King

4. The treachery and the end

Scar murdered his own brother for the throne and sent Simba away. The whole of it is so emotional.

It would be incredible to watch the movie all over again just to see our favourite characters refreshing those memories. All we want to see is Simba and Scar fighting it out for the throne.

Scar from the Lion King

5. All the characters

When the characters in 2D can make such an impact, imagine what all can be accomplished using 3D and CGI!

Of course, the story will be the same. But the how the story will be told is going to be very different from what we watched 24 years ago.

Are you ready? I sure am.

July 2019, come here soon. Till then, watch the Lion King trailer on repeat.

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