Food Is Your Soulmate

Signs That Food Is Your Soulmate

If someone you know doesn’t get happy when food is mentioned, stop talking to them. You don’t deserve that kind of negativity in life. Food is one thing that connects us all together. If the only stable relationship you’ve ever had is with food, it’s time you realize that food is your soulmate. Here are some signs –

1. The very mention of food anywhere, in the conversation you’re having or somewhere outside gives you the right kind of chills.

2. You know the numbers of leading food chains by heart, and you struggle to remember the conversation you had just two seconds ago.

3. Your idea of a perfect evening involves eating, drinking, and eating some more. These two are what you like to do all the time.

Food Is Your Soulmate
4. The minute you hear the word diet, the world around you shrinks and you feel like a meteor has hit the earth and you are dying.

5. Your relationships with people have declined because they tried to tell you how you should stop eating a lot, and you cut them off.

6. You seldom associate with anyone during your meal times, which is often in a day. So you have a limited group of people you know.

Food Is Your Soulmate
7. You have a list of pros and cons of associating with people. There’s another list of food, and the cons list is empty, unlike the other.

8. You decide going to any place based on whether that place is going to serve you good food or not. If not, you stay at home like always.

9. You treat food better than you treat people. You have your priorities set straight, and it’s never going to change a bit.

10. By now you know that no one can make you as happy as food does. You’ve made your peace with it and don’t want anyone to disrupt this relationship.

Food Is Your SoulmateFood is a soulmate, forever.

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