Why You Should Be Thankful To Your Boss

Why You Should Be Thankful To Your Boss

Ever since you entered the adult life, work has been ruining it all for you. Be it your social life or personal life, everything has gone for a toss because you have to work for five days a week, sometimes six, and then you have nothing left in you. You blame all your problems on your boss, which is completely wrong. We give you reasons why you should be thankful to your boss and hug him today –

1. They pay for your food
All the pizzas and burgers that you’re able to enjoy in the starting of the month is because your boss pays you on time. If it wasn’t for them, you’d have to beg for food on the streets which isn’t a great thing to do. This is a big reason enough to be thankful to your boss.

Why You Should Be Thankful To Your Boss

2. They pay your bills
The Netflix that you pay for, the internet that lets you download songs, the electricity you utilize to watch TV all day, is all because you boss is a nice human being who doesn’t like making people suffer. If it weren’t for them, you’d be living without WiFi and all the luxury.

Why You Should Be Thankful To Your Boss

3. You haven’t been fired
Despite you being a constant joke at workplace who doesn’t really have a lot of contribute to anything, you still are allowed inside the office. You know you haven’t been doing anything since a year now but still you’re there, just because they know you’d die without them paying you.

Why You Should Be Thankful To Your Boss

4. They ignore your laziness
Your laziness was pretty evident to people ever since you were born. Your boss saw the laziness in you when you entered the office was the very first time, but he gave you a chance because they knew you needed a job badly. It’s not because you have any talent, it’s because they took pity on you.

Why You Should Be Thankful To Your Boss

5. They have patience
Your constant failures and inability to do anything productive has been noticed by the whole office. Your boss has taken notice of that too. But instead of showing your the door, they’ve been patient enough to give multiple chances to you. If that’s not patience, I don’t know what is.

Why You Should Be Thankful To Your Boss

Please hug your boss.

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