Types of First Love

Types of First Love

Ah! The sweet sweet poison that slowly engulfs our hearts and keeps feeding on it until there’s nothing left is love. That’s right. We all know this. And still fall for it because we’re all stupid beings. We’ve all heard about first love and how it’s unforgettable. Do you know why? Because that was our first stage to dooming. First love isn’t what they show you in the movies. Following are the types of first love that should have educated why falling in love is a bad idea by you still didn’t learn because that’s who we all are –

1. Childish
First love is usually early for most of us. It’s in those teenage days where we think it’s love but it’s just really the idea of it all that we had all fallen for. First love is usually all the childish drama that we did with our “boyfriends” and “girlfriends”, claiming to love each other till the end of time and growing up to realize such crackhead kids we all were.

Types of First Love

2. Passive Aggressive
Actually, that’s how love is in general. But with first love, it’s the first time we learn how we’re all passive aggressive human beings. No question has a simple answer. No answer has a simple questions. The very first relationship is all about throwing shade at each other until you realize you can’t handle each other’s nonsense anymore. That’s about it.

Types of First Love

3. Eccentric
Do you realize how eccentric first love really is? It’s all about doing things that you wouldn’t do normally. Pretending to be cold so that they’d give you their jacket, acting up all the time because you want some drama in life and talking in stupid voices that you think sounded cute but they really didn’t is all you do when in love for the first time. What even was wrong with us?

Types of First Love

4. Madness
It’s one thing to be eccentric in love and a completely different thing to be mad. Mad in love is not a good thing to be, and that was taught to you by your first relationship. Acting like a paranoid person when you see their phone’s notification, getting insecure for the most stupid reasons and stalking them everywhere on social media are some things we’ve all done.

Types of First Love

5. Stupid
Yes. Stupid, idiotic and completely outrageous, those are the words that should be used to describe all first loves. If you count all the stupid things you’ve done then, you’d realize you deserved all that you got from that. Calling each other “baby” because that’s what the trend used to be then, saving each other’s numbers as some weird names, and other things is stupidity that we’ve done in the name of love.

Types of First Love

And that’s how all love is.

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