Strict Parents

When Your Best Friend Has Strict Parents

Indian parents own it when it comes to showing that they’re strict and don’t take any kind of nonsense from their kids. Some parents grow out of it as their kids turn older, while some still like to stick to their ways. Every Indian parent is strict until one point of time, which is acceptable. But it absolutely sucks when your parents become chill but your best friend’s parents are still strict. This has ruined a lot of plans, resulted in a lot of chaos and given birth to a lot of lies. This is what happens when your best friend has strict parents –

1. Prior approval
Before any plan is made, you ask your best friend about her whole schedule. They have to decide the date according to when their parents are most likely to announce, if late dinner scene is possible or not, and if stay over will be frowned upon or not. After the whole discussion, a plan is made.

Strict Parents

2. The request commission
The task is not complete after you make the plan. There are many more stages to go. A special request commission is set up among your squad who will persuade the strict parents. This squad requires a person who is good at communicating and wouldn’t take no for an answer. The request commission doesn’t succeed all the time.

Strict Parents

3. Mission Hangout
A plan isn’t just a plan when your best friend is involved. When your best friend has strict parents, every plan becomes an important quest or mission that needs to be won. The person who is planning the whole process needs some kind of award. They are those real heroes out there who need to be recognized by everyone.

Strict Parents

4. Powerpoint presentations
If you thought that┬ámaking plans was an easy process, think again. To execute normal plans it takes about 4 years. Imagine what would happen if you had a best friend with strict parents. The whole process would require powerpoint presentations with notes and quotations. It’s not as easy as you think.

Strict Parents

5. Genuine fear
When your best friend’s parents are strict, not only are they scared to ask about something but also you start fearing them. They terrify you more than your parents. You can easily ask your parents for something but your best friend’s parents? You need to think twice. Everyone in your squad is terrified of them.

Strict Parents

Aunty, please? *puppy face*

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