New Year Resolutions

Types of New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again. It will be 2018 in some days and honestly, none of us are prepared for it. New year resolutions are an important aspect of welcoming the new year. Every year we make the same old resolutions, not following them religiously even for one week. But then again when it’s time to welcome another year, we’re ready with another list. What is the use of them, really? Just wasting our time, planning on doing things we’re never going to do. Following are the different types of new year resolutions –

1. The long-term
There are some resolutions which need to be carried out for a long time so that they can work. ‘Losing weight’ falls under this category. We write these resolutions in our list of to do things and completely forget about them in the long run. The thing about having long-term resolutions is that we all know this ain’t happening but we just put them down to feel good about ourselves.

New Year Resolutions

2. The always there
Open your book of resolutions and turn to past years. Notice something in common? Thought so. There are some resolutions that are always there. For example, you write down that you’re going to be nice to people but people keep testing your patience on the second day itself. So you say to yourself, you’ll start doing that the next year. And that’s how an “always there” resolution comes into existence.

New Year Resolutions

3. The far-fetched
Because we human beings have a heart that likes to dream big, these resolutions exist. You know how you start writing your resolutions and get carried away? It gives birth to the far-fetched resolutions. The minute you write them, you know it’s not happening, not only for the next year but the following two decades. But to make yourself happy, you put it down anyway and begin your journey of forgetting about it.

New Year Resolutions

4. The realistic ones
There are some resolutions which are realistic. They make sense and you know this can be achieved if you just put in the extra effort. In fact, you even achieve them to some extent and you should be proud of yourself for doing that. These are the easy resolutions that you put down so you can say you at least did some of the things you promised you would do. Pat yourself on the back twice.

New Year Resolutions

5. The not happening
There are some resolutions that keep popping up in your head but you need to calm yourself down because even before you can write it, you know they are not happening. Taking a trip somewhere with your friends falls under this category because that, after all these years of being friends with your friends, is not happening. So you shove them away as soon as they come to your mind and try to live your life of regrets.

New Year Resolutions

Ready to disappoint yourself with stupid new year resolutions again? Let’s do this!

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