Signs You Need A Break From Work

Signs You Need A Break From Work

When it’s only Tuesday but you’ve thought about quitting your job and start living in the forest about ten times already, you know you’re fried at work by now. When was the last time you took a holiday? Can’t remember? Maybe that’s the problem. Following are the signs you need a break from work –

1. As soon as Monday begins, you go into a depression like stage wondering how are you going to survive five days without any professional help.

2. You have urges to misbehave at work so that you’re fired without too much drama. You however control those urges because you need the money.

Signs You Need A Break From Work

3. You’ve been thinking a lot about shifting to another country all together, leaving behind everything you have here.

4. Whenever you see vacation pictures of your friends, you feel like crying. In fact, you sulk the whole day thinking about those pictures.

Signs You Need A Break From Work

5. You have planned a whole trip for yourself and just thinking about that trip brings a smile on your face. You’re just waiting for the right time.

6. Every time a coworker goes on a break, your blood boils because that could have been you but you’re too shy to ask for a leave.

Signs You Need A Break From Work

7. While working, you accidentally google pictures of the most amazing places on earth and get yourself happy and then a little sad.

8. You’ve thought about taking an extended sick leave quite a lot of times. You always drop the plan because you’re not that great an actor.

Signs You Need A Break From Work

9. You’re just waiting for that day when you have less work pressure so that you can go up to your boss and ask for a leave without guilt.

10. Reading this, you almost wanted to give up on your job and just do what you want to do because you only live once.

Signs You Need A Break From Work

Take that break dude!

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