What a best friend must do

What a best friend must do

There’s a reason why they’re called Best Friends. No they’re not the best, they’re stupid as hell, who always support you in every crazy thing you do. They’re called that because they know you the best. Only they would know there’s something wrong with you when you don’t finish an entire pizza in one sitting. Having a best friend who understands you in and out is more than a blessing. All your decisions are based on how they think of it. However, there are certain things that must be on every best friend’s to-do list. Apart from being there for you, always, they must do the following –

1. Take your phone away when you’re drunk

If a best friend can’t do this, you need a new best friend. Everyone knows you’re capable of doing all kinds of blunders when you’re drunk. You could call up people on your contact list and make funny noises. You could call your crush and say “I love you” a million times. However, the most dangerous blunder of all is texting your ex. It’s the alcohol that makes people do all kinds of weird stuff, why would any sane person text their ex? That’s inviting Hulk to your house and expecting it to be in a proper shape after he leaves. But that’s what best friends are for. When you’re at a party, it is their sole responsibility to take your phone and keep it somewhere safe along with theirs. They’re no saints.

2. Buy you food every once in awhile

Everyone has those kind of days when they’re completely broke and don’t even have a single penny to buy chocolates. And the worst part? Every food item seems tempting more than ever during those days. You can’t resist the craving because the heart wants what it wants. Here’s where the best friend must step in and generously pay for those noodles you’ve wanted to swallow since a long time. You’re not a freeloader, you’ve always paid for your food, yourself, that’s how you roll. But you’re no Ambani either, you don’t have an abundance of money. After spending money on food for 25 month, there will be 5 days you’re going to be broke. But nobody can stop you from passing by McDonald’s and sniffing the fries, you’re gonna want them. It’s written on your face that can easily be read by them. Thanks best friend, I’ll pay for you next time.

3. Always be on stand-by

What if you wanted to make a move on someone who’s on the bus but you don’t know whether they’re really that cute or your eyes are playing with you? What if you like the top but it says it’s for 2000 and you need a second opinion about it being worth it or not? What if you’re planning on not attending that lecture and need someone to motivate you for getting education? What if you want to double check with them if buying hundred Snicker Bars is a good idea because they’re on discount? Best friends should always be on stand-by on WhatsApp. You text them and their reply should be faster than speed of light. That is the difference between best friends and regular friends. You need a guidance as soon as possible, you cannot wait for long. That’s the point of having a best friend.

4. Get you out of weird situations

By weird situations, I mean dates with creepy people. Imagine you’re out on a date with someone you don’t know that well, and by the end of it, he/she says they love you. You’re just staring at them dumbstruck not understanding what to do. It would have been better to stay home and eat nachos is what is going on in your mind, and they are  sitting there expecting an answer. See, this is why you need best friends. Just text them “EMERGENCY LEVEL INFINITY” and they’ll do the rest. From calling you in the middle of the date to telling to they met with an accident, which by the way is fake, they are pros are getting you out of that weird date. The drama that follows has to be acted out by you. It’s a teamwork really, best friends are the best!

5. Support you in group chats

Group chats are nightmares. You’re picked on by people every time you say something. Nobody listens to your plans, they’re stupid anyway, but all you’re asking is for a little attention. They make jokes about you, your own squad, and remind you of all the stupid things you did in the past. Sometimes you wonder why do you even hangout with these people, but then you remember that if it wasn’t for them, you’d probably be a loner. Here’s where a best friend should perform his/her duty of supporting you. No matter how dumb your joke is, they should always be ready with a “rofl” or “lmao”, or even a laughing emoji would do. No matter how stupid your plan sounds, they should always say “let’s do this”. No matter how many people are picking on you, they should always defend you. They signed up for this.
I’ll be there for youuu!

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