Happy Navratri

Everything You Need To Know About Navratri

Happy Navratri, you guys! It’s here! Nine days of pure fun, dancing, rituals and entertainment are here once again to make our nights better. It’s amazing to be living in a country where festivals keep pouring in every month, giving us more reasons to get together with our family and friends, celebrating. Navratri, celebrated to honour the nine avatars of Goddess Durga, is a full fledged fiesta in India. Here’s everything you need to know about Navratri –

The best about Indian festivals is that they’re celebrated wholeheartedly by the people. Dance becomes an important aspect of celebration and Navratri is all about dancing. Garba and Dandiya are two dance forms that originated from Gujarat, but are now a huge part of the celebration throughout India. People dress up in traditional clothes and go out every night for nine days, to dance the stress away and enjoy with their loved ones.

Happy Navratri

If you’ve never danced to Falguni Pathak’s garba beats during Navratri, you’re not living your life the right way. Music is such an important part of Navratri, the dhol, the beats, the tune, it all gets you into the mood to break a leg with other strangers. Garba music is unique, in accordance with the dance, which makes it different from others. You just don’t listen to it, you move with it.

Happy Navratri

Every Indian festival has it’s own flavour and spices, that make it different from the rest. Navratri food comes in two ways. The delicious menu for those who are fasting and the scrumptious Gujarati dishes for those who are not. It’s a tradition to eat jalebi fafda on Dussehra day. Along with the Gujarati dishes, the North Indians make halwa puri on the eighth day. Bengali food is a must try during Durga Pujo.

Happy Navratri

And lastly, what makes our festivals different yet similar to each other is the rituals. Garbi, an earthen pot with diyas is put out by Gujaratis, to welcome the new year with new hope and happiness. During Durga Pujo, Bengalis have a set of rituals like Sindhoor Khela and evening aartis that is followed throughout East India. South India follows rituals like Kolu and Bathukamma which make Navratri a unique festival.

Happy Navratri

Happy Navratri!

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