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Why Friends Will Be In Our Hearts Forever

On 22nd September 1994, a show came to the American television that would transform TV shows forever and have a legacy that wouldn’t be affected even after twenty three years. There have been many shows that came after Friends, but could inculcate the feelings in is like we have for Friends. Here’s why friends will be in our heart forever –

Every episode of the show makes the one watching feel so happy. Friends is all about collecting happy moments and living them with the characters. Even in their misery, they found happiness because they were all together. There’s a lot to learn from the show, the most important thing being to find happiness even when nothing is going your way.

Why Friends Will Be In Our Hearts Forever

Relationships, finding someone who loves you, sometimes more than you love yourself and just being with them through good times and bad, Friends had all kinds of relationships. Be it the strong friendship that was a huge part of Monica and Chandler’s relationship or the passion in Ross and Rachel’s, we get to know about love and its different forms through the show.

Why Friends Will Be In Our Hearts Forever

We all were Rachel at some point when we had no clue what to do in life. We were all Monica when we had no luck finding a new job. We were all Chandler when we made a huge career shift but felt good about it. Some of us were Ross who grew up to be exactly what we wanted to be. Careers and jobs were best portrayed in Friends.

Why Friends Will Be In Our Hearts Forever

What’s the best part about having friends? That they don’t judge you for being weird. Phoebe was the weirdest Friends character and everyone loved her like family. They didn’t loathe Joey when he couldn’t get the jokes in the first go, or ridicule Ross for being too much into dinosaurs. They accepted their friends just as they were.

Why Friends Will Be In Our Hearts Forever

And lastly, if there’s anything the show has taught us, it’s that friends are the family we choose, and it’s them who stay with us for a long time. They are our saviours, shielding us from everything that will hurt us and being there. Friendship between those six friends showed us how friendships really should be. And if we’re lucky enough, we find friends like them.

Why Friends Will Be In Our Hearts Forever

To the six friends who changed our lives.

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