Dealing With Monday Blues

Dealing With Monday Blues

The most dreaded day of the week is here. Who even likes Monday? Why does this world have to work this way? Why can’t we have a five-day long weekend and only two days working? When you suck at being an adult, Mondays can be pretty rough. After two days of sleeping in and doing nothing, waking up and going to work on Monday seems like the end of the world. But you’ve got to do it, because you need the money to sustain yourself in this expensive world. To help you get through another week of working and dealing with people you don’t like, here’s are some tips of dealing with Monday blues –

1. Hope
Hope will get you going. Even when it’s Monday, you need to be hopeful that after 4 more days of working, weekend will be upon you again. Hope is all you need to get through Monday and the other weekdays that follow. Just hang in there and hope that you don’t give up on life by the time Friday comes.

Dealing With Monday Blues

2. Patience
Another thing you need to knock out Monday blues is patience. Hope alone won’t solve your problems. One day seems like it lasts for over a year because we’re all impatient. Monday blues will go away once you start understanding the process of time and patiently awaiting for it to complete the process.

Dealing With Monday Blues

3. Being Fake
Hope and patience won’t help you deal with people you don’t like. The worst part about weekdays is dealing with human beings. That’s when being fake and smiling at them even when you want to rip your arm off and throw at them, comes into picture. Acting like you like them is a huge part of the process.

Dealing With Monday Blues

4. Dreaming
You have to show up to work on Monday but that doesn’t mean you really have to work. Daydream the week away and you’ll be paid for absolutely nothing. For doing this, you need to be a professional day dreamer. Years of practice goes into being able to sleep with your eyes open. Master the art and prosper.

Dealing With Monday Blues

5. Acceptance
You can’t change the way this world works. You can, but you need to have some super power for that. Which again is not possible. So suck it up and accept the ways of Planet Earth. This is how it’s going to be for the rest of your life. Every week you will wake up and face the dreaded day. You just need to accept the fact.

Dealing With Monday Blues

Monday, we’re sorry but you suck.

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