Why Batman Is The Best Superhero

Why Batman Is The Best Superhero

When it comes to superheroes, we all know who’s the best of them all. There’s no question about it, it’s Batman. DC Comics gave us a superhero we not only enjoy watching, but also a character we look up to and aspire to be like. Sure, there’s Iron Man we admire, Thor and Superman we swoon over and the mighty Hulk we cheer for, but Batman has this different swag that everybody loves. Right from the comic books to the live-action films, watching Batman destroy the villains, especially his constant conflict with DC Super Villain Joker, is so much fun. Here’s why Batman is the best superhero –

1. He’s so dark. There’s so much mystery around the character, the Gothic nature of Batman comics and everything about it is so dark. That is one quality that makes his story so enticing.

2. Batman comics have the best villains. Joker being the most famous of all, there’s Bane, Hush, Scarecrow, Two-Face and Harley Quinn, among others that give you the chills.

Why Batman Is The Best Superhero

3. He has Bat Cave and Bat Mobile. He knows how to make an entrance with the latter. If these are not the two reasons that make Batman different and better from the others, I don’t know what will.

4. The fact that Bruce made everything on his own, rising from his pain and making it possible to himself to survive in the world is so inspiring. We can all take lessons from his life.

Why Batman Is The Best Superhero

5. The very fact that he isn’t blessed with superpowers, but is just a brave human who fights the bad guys with his intelligence and courage, is a reason enough to declare him the best superhero.

6. Batman has his own sign, like a logo that everyone can easily associate with him. Wouldn’t you want something like that? No other superhero has that which is what makes Batman so cool.

Why Batman Is The Best Superhero

7. He’s Batman who fights crimes and Bruce Wayne who has billions of dollars. Sure, there are other superheroes like that, but they’re still not as cool as Batman.

8. The super fun gadgets that Batman has, his awesome utility belt and everything that he keeps with himself in handy, so that he can use them when needed, makes him a fun guy to hangout with.

Why Batman Is The Best Superhero

9. He has a super cool sense of humour and wit. This can be best seen in Joker and his conversations, where we get to see a witty Batman who’s not taking nonsense from a clown.

10. He’s always there for Gotham and anyone who needs him. Even if he’s wounded, he’s always going to help people and think about them before he thinks about himself. What a kind-hearted superhero!

Why Batman Is The Best Superhero

Happy Batman Day!

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