Jokes On Twitter Over 280 Characters

Jokes On Twitter Over 280 Characters

Nothing that happens on the internet can go without being trolled these days. If you’re new to Twitter, let me explain to you how it works. There’s no long captions on Twitter or love letters that you write to your best friends on Instagram. There’s limited 140 characters where you need to put forth your views concisely, without making a complete fool of yourself because Twitter is viral. Today, Twitter announced that it will be testing a new feature on some Twitter accounts where 280 characters would be allowed per tweet. There were mixed opinions about the same, but the most hilarious part of this was the memes and jokes. Twitter did what it does best, giving us reason to laugh out loud on a Wednesday morning. Following are the jokes on Twitter over 280 characters. Read and enjoy.

1. Twitter, the new WhatsApp.

2. The best tweet award on the same goes to this.

3. Reading every Tweet will be a time consuming task.

4. Don’t know if this is funny or sad.

5. Koi change ki zarurat nahi hai, Twitter.

6. More offense. More drama.

7. T bole toh Tatti Update.

8. Taking the war of the Seven Kingdoms to another platform. Great move, Khaleesi!

9. Bhai ko kuch matlab nahi hai.

10. I know how that feels.

Don’t you just love Twitter?

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