Every Best Friend Relationship

Every Best Friend Relationship In The World

A best friend relationship is more important than love relationships. People who think it’s difficult to maintain a girlfriend/boyfriend today never really had best friends. It’s not about one phone call once in a blue moon anymore. Best friends need so much more than that. It’s almost like taking care of a baby, except that you don’t give birth to them. This is what every best friend relationship in the world is like –

1. 20% Jealousy
If your best friend is not jealous of that stranger you dashed into at the station two years go, you don’t have a best friend. Anybody who has any kind of contact with you is immediately on their hit list, as they await the day when you start hating them too, so that they can tell you their real thoughts about that person. A real best friend relationship will always have jealousy as one of its main ingredients.

Every Best Friend Relationship

2. 10% Humour
That’s how you become best friends these day, laughing on silly and stupid jokes that wouldn’t make sense to a sane person. If you don’t have a best friend with whom you can burst into a laughter any time of the day, you don’t have a best friend. Sharing the same sense on humour is important when making best friends with someone as you should both be able to laugh at petty things with just one look at each other’s face.

Every Best Friend Relationship

3. 10% Drama
If your life isn’t a constant roller coaster of emotions, some shoulder to shoulder crying, mental breakdowns every month and drama 24/7 with your best friend, you don’t have a best friend. With them, it’s all about the drama. Your life can never get boring as long as they are present with their antics. Drama is the essence of every best friend relationship. It makes every best friend relationship stronger and better.

Every Best Friend Relationship

4. 10% Socializing
Being best friends is all about socializing. Not with other people, but among yourselves. Regular meeting up to discuss life problems and other people is necessary when it comes to being friends. Socializing is an important aspect in best friend relationship as that’s how you can put your judgmental qualities to good use. If you don’t socialize with your best friend every other week, you’re not real best friends.

Every Best Friend Relationship

5. 50% Meme Tagging
And last but not the least, meme tagging is the most important thing in best friend relationships today. If your best friend doesn’t bombard your notifications with meme tags on Facebook and Instagram all day, you don’t have best friend. It’s all about having a best friend whom you can tag in relatable memes and comment “so us” till one of you dies. If that’s not being best friends, I don’t know what is.

Every Best Friend Relationship

Go on, tag your best friend.

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