Everything You Need To Groom Your Beard

Everything You Need To Groom Your Beard

Having a beard is not an easy task. It’s almost like having a baby. It requires constant time and energy, and if you’re not doing it right, it may all go for a huge toss. When you have a beard that slays, you need the right grooming products to help you win the beard game. Here’s a list of everything you need to groom your beard –

1. Beard Oil
Your beard needs a special oil that can moisturize facial hair and the skin beneath. An ideal beard should be shiny and well-groomed, and not shabby. Beard oil also helps in increasing the hair growth and softening the hair. In simple world, it’s like hair oil, but for your beard. When grooming the perfect beard, you need to have the right beard oil. Honest Amish, Ustraa, Smooth Viking, Wisdom, etc. are among the good brands that provide the product.

Everything You Need To Groom Your Beard

2. Beard Softener
Your long and dense beard needs proper care. Apart from the beard oil, you need beard softener to make your beard more manageable and soft. It is similar to a hair conditioner that makes the hair more shiny and smooth. This product should be in your beard grooming products kit as it enhances the look of the beard giving it a proper look and feel. Also known as beard conditioner, Honest Amish, The Gentlemen’s and Cedarwood are some brands you can buy.

Everything You Need To Groom Your Beard

3. Beard Shampoo
If you’re using ordinary hair shampoo on your beard, you’re doing it wrong my friend. A special beard needs special care which is why you shouldn’t be settling for anything at all. Beard shampoos are easily available in the market and online as they’re very much in demand. Beard shampoos help in providing the nourishment and care your facial hair needs. Professor Fuzzworthy, Medicine Man, Zeus are among brands that provide good beard shampoos.

Everything You Need To Groom Your Beard

4. Trimmer
A well-groomed beard can never be shaggy. It needs to be perfectly shaped and flawless, 24/7. You need a trimmer to chop of those extra hair, keep experimenting with new styles and giving your beard the perfect shape. Styling your beard is also an art that you need to perfect if you want to stay in the game. It’s always go hard or go home when it comes to beards. Philips and Panasonic are among good trimmer brands available in India.

Everything You Need To Groom Your Beard

5. Grooming Scissors
Not just the scissors, but the comb and every other equipment that will make your beard stand out from others should be on your must buy list. Not everything is possible with trimmers. Grooming scissors help you perfect the art of beard keeping and maintaining. You need to be well equipped for beards that give other men a run for their money. Tweezerman, Sanguine, Suvorna Ador and Sally Hansen are brands that provide grooming scissors and more.

Everything You Need To Groom Your Beard

Happy Beard Day!

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  1. Trimmers that dry quickly will only work for you if you want quick, easy hair removal, but if you are looking for something that will give you a smooth, gradual trim, then consider an electronic model.

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