New Year Resolution

Every New Year Resolution By Now

We’re in the second month of 2018 and it already seems like a really bad year. If hopelessness, despair and regret are what your January was all about, welcome to the club. It’s funny how we all have these expectations from a year, and it’s all broken within a month, just like our new year resolutions. The very reason we make new year resolutions is to break them. This is what happened to every new year resolution by now –

1. Lost motivation more than weight.
The number one in the ‘make a new year resolution’ list is losing weight. Most of us wake up early, drink warm water with honey in the morning and go for a run. This, however, lasts for about 10 days, or a month maximum. After that, you realize how your willpower sucks and you just make your peace with being fat.

New Year Resolution

2. Still the same blabbermouth.
Some of us are big blabbermouths who don’t realize what they have said until they have already said it. Their new year resolution is always to be less of a blabbermouth in the coming year. And it’s not like they don’t try, they did their best to do it in the month of January. But with one month gone, they realized they have no control over their tongue.

New Year Resolution

3. Less kind, more cruel.
A new year resolution like “I’m going to be less rude to others, less judgemental and spread more joy in the world” can never world in the 21st century. No matter what year it is, everybody just keeps testing your patience. Your new year resolution of being less cruel and more kind is working the other way round by now.

New Year Resolution

4. New year, same old you.
If the past has taught all of us something, it is that no matter what happens, we are never going to change ourselves. But still, we made a list of things that we would try for the new year. Be it cooking, learning a musical instrument or concentrating more on our hobbies. What we didn’t anticipate was that the year has changed, not our soul.

New Year Resolution

5. Big dreams, no money.
Everyone has a new year resolution that says you’ll travel more, spend more money on nurturing yourself and buying things that you love. One month into 2018 and you know this year is not going to be a good year financially. Your dreams are big, but you’re already broke for the rest of the year. Three cheers for all of us.

New Year Resolution

New year resolutions are meant to be broken.

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