Annoying Couples

Annoying Things That Couples Do

When you are single, there is nothing you hate more than watching couples all around you, all happy and prosperous in love. It’s like the universe is playing some evil game on you by placing couples in your way all the time. It’s one thing to watch them, and a completely different thing to tolerate the annoying couples. Here are some of the things they do –

1. PDA
Perhaps one of the most hated things that couples do is PDA, that stands for Public Display of Affection. We get it, you love your significant other to the moon and back. You don’t have to constantly appear on our newsfeed with shady pictures, hugging and kissing each other. You’re in love, we get it. Keep it to yourself though.

Annoying Couples

2. Calling names
There are names that are given to you when you take birth by your family. And then there are names which annoying couples give to each other. When someone you know gets into a relationship and become one of those annoying couples, they’re no more the person you know. They become baby, shona, love monkey, sugar lips and other things.

Annoying Couples

3. Showing up together
Annoying couples never show up anywhere individually. It’s like one person living in two bodies, never separated in each other. Even if you have invited one of them, they will show up together. Gradually, you just stop calling them altogether because you’re so tired of them, you’d rather break friendship than watch them again.

Annoying Couples

4. Excessive drama
Annoying couples live for the drama. They’ll always initiate it between each other with some stupid conversation. And suddenly everyone becomes a part of it. There is no end to their drama. They could go on and on for days, turning every fun occasion into a drama club. Eventually, you just stop hanging out with them.

Annoying Couples

5. All about them
There are couples who like to stay away from the limelight as much as they can and then there are those who want things to be about them all the time. If nobody is noticing them and their nuances, they try to get everybody’s attention by doing some random thing. Worse is when they start fighting in public, in an attempt to steal the show.

Annoying Couples

Can you stop now? Please?

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