Nachos Day

Why Nachos Are The Best Snack Ever

It’s Nachos day! Yay! Finally, a day that celebrates the best party snack ever. Nachos should be declared as the staple food of the world, honestly. There is nothing Nachos can’t do. In a bad mood? Grab a pack with some salsa sauce. Feel like hitting someone? Munch on nachos and forget about it. Every party has Nachos as a snack and here’s why –

1. Delicious
Well, obviously. The number one reason for them being so popular among the millennials is that they are delicious. When you keep nachos as a party snack, you can never go wrong. Only a fool would say they are not tasty. Just normal tortilla chips are a blessing to the taste buds.

Nachos Day

2. Easily to make
There’s not a lot that you need in making a perfect nachos dish. Just grab a packet of tortilla chips, some cheese, beans, some more veggies and a bottle of your favourite dip to go with it. Mix them all together, microwave for some time and voila, the perfect nachos dish is ready.

Nachos Day

3. Goes well with anything
Nachos go well with everything. Pair it up with veggies or meat, they add to the beauty of any food you’re pairing it up with. A pack of tortilla chips paired with a mayonnaise or salsa dip can do wonders. You can only imagine the different possibilities one has when it comes to nachos.

Nachos Day

4. Everybody loves them
“I don’t like nachos dude,” said no person ever. And if someone you know said that, you need to stop knowing them. Nobody needs that kind of negativity in life. Nachos are one snack that makes everyone happy. Just get a lot of them at your party and you can stop worrying about everyone’s preferences.

Nachos Day

5. No mess, no stress
Making or eating nachos are both such less complicated processes, there’s hardly any mess. To make it, you just need a bowl. Serve in the same bowl, eat from the same bowl, and prepare another batch in the same bowl again. It’s so much easier when it comes to this party snack. Go on, treat yourself to a bowl on nachos day.

Nachos Day

Happy Nachos Day!

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