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5 things people who love food will understand

Food is the best thing to happen to the world. Period. It’s the one thing that doesn’t let us give up hope, the one thing for which some people live. The people that live for it, know what it’s like to feel the following :

  1. What’s for breakfast?

Some people wake up and check their phones. Some others think about what they’ll be doing the whole day. While, some get up and workout. But people who love food, wake up and ask this question, because food is always on their mind. And not only breakfast, the whole day’s plan eating plan is made and the other things work their way around it. Yep, food first, everything else can wait, or disappear, not that they care.


  1. Sharing is not caring.

Whoever coined this term wasn’t really a food lover. Sharing is definitely not caring when it comes to pizzas, or french fries, or anything edible. Ask a food lover how they feel when someone just takes food of their plate, and EAT it, those shameless little pricks. No matter how strong a friendship is, or how unbreakable a sibling bond is, or how much you love your partner, you refuse to share your food with them.


  1. Free food is a motivation to socialize.

You accept party invitations just because there’s free food. And that’s motivation enough to go out and talk to people. Actually, not really. All the time you keep thinking about food, so you don’t really socialize. You make time out of your busy schedule (not really), and go through the whole trauma of dressing up and going to meet people, that shows how much dedicated to food you are. Who would say no to free food anyway?


  1. Eating salad and going to the funeral, one and the same.

Salads? Hahahaha, you might as well die. People who eat salads are the kind of people who would are the kind of people who would choose Superman over Batman. When you know there’s food a million times better than salads, you still choose to eat them, that makes you a special kind of stupid. Now you may say it’s unhealthy and blah blah blah, but we all know what tastes better, and that is the only argument I need, muggles.


  1. Food is a soulmate.

Life may get from worse to worst, but the thing that will always remain is food, and the desire to eat it. If you love food, nothing can mess up your relationship with it. A beautiful day, with food and beers, watching the sunset is your kind of day. You can have the worst day, but it all gets better for a little while, when you are engrossed in your pizza, not giving a damn about anything. Now that’s true love, friends.


Food is the best antidepressant.

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