Born In December

Things Everyone Born In December Will Relate To

Raise your hands if you’re not ready to welcome the new year yet. Welcome to the club, amigo! December, the last month of the year, is about to end. I don’t know what’s more depressing, the fact that the last month isn’t any fun or that you’ll not be welcoming the new year on a happy note. And it gets even worse when December is your birthday month. Here are things everyone born in December will relate to –

1. Youngest
If you’re born in December, you’re probably the youngest in the squad. You have to wait the whole year for people’s birthdays to go when its finally time for you. You’re treated like a kid by everyone, because, well you are. So you most definitely fail at adulting. Congratulations, you have been spoiled by your own friends for life.

Born In December

2. Raving every weekend
December is officially the party month. Every weekend, you have something to celebrate. With Christmas, New Years and the general idea of the year ending, you rave every weekend. You may be all cocooned up other months of the year but in December, the party animal within you rises up from the grave.

Born In December

3. Broke
Every weekend partying also lands you in trouble with your wallet. The whole month goes into saving and ending up broke by the time it’s Christmas. All your money goes into buying food you don’t need, drinking alcohol you can avoid and getting clothes you don’t need. December? More like Broke-mber.

Born In December

4. New year planning
Open anyone’s WhatsApp group conversations and you’ll find elaborate planning and plotting for the perfect New Year party. It starts with someone saying “let’s rage this New Years bro” and ends up with everyone showing up to a friend’s house in pyjamas for a house party. Seriously, why even plan?

Born In December

5. Best month
Despite of all this, December is without a doubt the best month of the year. There are so many reasons to be happy about the month. The cold, the festivals, the New Year, and most importantly your birthday. Being born in December just gives you another reason to love the month. There’s more happiness for you.

Born In December

December babies are the best.

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