Every New Year Plan

Every New Year Plan Right Now

What’s up? Monday’s killing you too, isn’t it? Don’t worry, the week has just started. There are more disappointments, yawns and daydreaming in store. But here’s something that might be keeping you going this month. Yes, it’s almost time for New Year celebrations. Has your squad started planning yet? Then you know what the happiness is when these plans are actually carried out. But right now, they are at an early stage. This is every new year plan right now –

1. “Where are we going?”
Someone who really doesn’t want to spend the new year like every other year has asked this question on the WhatsApp group. This person has got all of you thinking about what you’re really going to do. New year celebrations are important. The shitty year needs to end in something good. This question is the only ray of hope you have in your life.

Every New Year Plan

2. “Who all in?”
Nobody has answered the first question as yet. It’s just a long list of suggestions from all the people in the group. Everyone knows the place won’t be decided so quickly so you guys move to the next question. Now, this is where the real game begins. Half the people who are saying yes right now will ditch in the last moment and everybody knows about that.

Every New Year Plan

3. “Is it expensive?”
Once the place is decided and the number of fake confirmations are in, you guys get to the money part. None of you want to spend too much because firstly, you don’t have the time. And secondly, it’s really not worth it. Everyone gets to discussing the budget, how much everyone is willing to spend and how can it all be saved. You all figure it out on the group.

Every New Year Plan

4. “Are we really going?”
This is when the doubt starts kicking in. The place has not been decided yet, you know half the people are going to ditch and you don’t have the money. Someone is going to pop the question up soon, if they haven’t yet. This is when the ditchers start saying how they’re not sure anymore and you start wondering whether you can make new friends in two weeks.

Every New Year Plan

5. “My house might be empty.”
Like every year, someone will say this at the last moment and you know what’s happening for the new year. House parties are the best, no doubt. But every year, doing the same thing is not that fun. It’s not like you have a choice because you know everyone will agree for a house party. Deep inside, you know this is happening but you’re trying to avoid that.

Every New Year Plan

This is every new year plan now.

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