When Mom Is Away

Changes That Happen When Mom Is Away

It’s not really Mother’s Day but we don’t need a specific day to celebrate our mothers who do so much for us without asking anything in return. That may not be completely true as they do want us to get dhaniya every time they make good food, but still. They’re a blessing to our life and you only understand that when you have to survive for two days without them. Everything goes haywire with them not around. There’s no waking up on time, going to sleep on time, eating proper food and feeling loved without them. When they go out of town for a cousin’s wedding or to meet relatives, you’re stuck alone at home dealing with household responsibilities that you underestimated. It’s not easy to be mom and you realize that now. Following are certain changes that happen when mom is away –

1. Breakfast? What is that?

Waking up on time is a big issue that has been haunting our lives since childhood. Our moms have been our alarm clock since the beginning of time and we’ve never thanked her. Not only did she wake us up, she even makes breakfast so that we don’t go to work/college hungry. When she’s not around, you’re late to even have a bath, let alone cooking breakfast for yourself.

2. Tornado stricken house

You know why your house is so shiny and fresh all the time? Because mom makes sure it looks like a place resided by humans and not animals. Your room is all cleaned up, dishes aren’t accumulated in the dishwasher, clothes are all washed and there’s no sequence in the house. Every time you walk in, you remember the days when mom was here and you never thanked her for it. Now the house looks like tornadoes have struck it.

3. Maggi all day

Rajma Chawal, Biryani, Aloo ke Parathe are some of the dishes only mom knows best. Every day she has something delicious prepared for us which, I must tell you, requires painstaking activities. It’s not like she rubbed a lamp and it appeared. When she is not around, you only survive on Maggi because she never let your lazy ass cook food. And even your Maggi isn’t as good as she makes.

4. Boring day

You realize this on the weekend especially that mom added that spark in your life. She always cracked jokes, made you delicious meals on weekend and sometimes run behind you to hit you with a utensil. She’d even tell you to teach her how to use a gadget or just gossip about relatives all day. Whatever she did helped in getting the day move faster. But without her, it’s just another boring weekend with no good food to eat.

5. Mom is the best

No matter how many times you’ve told her that you don’t need her out of anger, you know you cannot survive without her even for a day. It’s not only her that loves you the most, but also you who cannot see a future without her. She’s the one person who doesn’t expect anything else from you except for maybe cleaning up your room every other week and taking baths every day. No matter how much she nags you, she’s always going to be the pillar of your strength.

You’re awesome, all you moms out there!

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