Game of thrones - the broken man

Game Of Thrones – The Broken Man

Behind every dedicated Game Of Thrones fan, there is another dedicated fan who introduced them to the series (bless their pure soul) and provides them with links to the new episode every Monday morning. The first thing you do on a Monday morning is switch off your net. The internet is dark and full of spoilers. Your friends who’ve watched the episode before you will keep sending things like “Jon is alive” on WhatsApp, and you’re just like “thanks for that man, thanks for killing the whole excitement in one second, now when will you jump off a cliff?”, That’s exactly how hard it is to be us.

HBO’s hit fantasy drama Game Of Thrones has become a worldwide sensation gluing people to their screens, every goddamn time. Season 6 is being aired since April and we’ve reached the 7th episode already. The Broken Man came out today, and we do know one thing for sure, the stage is set up for everything we expected. It’s just a matter of a week when we get to see exactly what we’re here for. All the characters are showing massive transformations, there’s old characters returning and new characters getting introduced. Season 6, Episode 7, The Broken Man review –

1. Sandor Clegane

Remember him? Mountain’s brother who was not shown dead but we assumed he was dead, but he really is not, is back. Last time we saw Sandor “The Hound” Clegane was when he was brutally wounded by Brienne Of Tarth, after which Arya left him to die and took away all his coins in Season 4 (the season where Joffrey dies). Jon Snow is not the only one who’s back. Hound was apparently found by a septon played by Ian McShane, in a desolated situation, and was cured of his wounds. Since then he was living with him and some villagers. There’s a little chat between the two, where we learn that “hate” was what kept The Hound alive. The villagers are visited by a trio of Brotherhood Without Banners, who leave them after knowing that their leader has nothing, but while The Hound is away, they return and kill all of them, all hang the septon. Hound is not happy, they don’t know who they’ve pissed off for he’s coming for them, that too with an axe. While this was all that was shown in the episode, we’re pretty sure a Clegane Bowl is on it’s way. Brothers will reunite and fight against each other.

Game Of Thrones - The Broken Man

2. King’s Landing

There’s a lot going on in King’s Landing right now. The Faith and Crown have united, Cersei is powerless, the Tyrells don’t know how to get their heir out, and something’s up with Margaery. At first it did seem like she’s completely brainwashed by the High Sparrow, and believes in The Faith completely. High Sparrow very slyly almost threatens Margaery saying that her grandmother is a sinner, after with she goes to the Red Keep to talk to her grandmother. Accompanied by Septa Unella, Olenna Tyrell is furious at what they’ve done to her granddaughter. And while Margaery tries to win the confidence of the Septa Unella, by not letting her go out after Olenna’s constant remarks are her, she places paper will Tyrell sigil drawn on it, that is a rose. Olenna is convinced that this is just Margaery’s plans of taking the High Sparrow down, and is set to leave for Highgarden. Here, again, we’re given an example of how powerless Cersei is. She knows that if the Tyrells leave, it’s just her with The Mountain, and nobody else, and we couldn’t feel happier. You’re going to pay for what you did to Tyrion, woman.

Game Of Thrones - The Broken Man

3. The North Is Reminded

Jon, Sansa and Davos are set on their journey to gather as many alliances they can.. They first approach the Wildlings, who are resistant at first, but when reminded of how Jon died once for saving their lives by Tormund, agree to help the Starks get their home back. They then approach the Mormont house, whose leader is a little girl, but damn she’s sassy. We need kids like that in the real world. She asks the right questions, makes careful observations, and after a hearing Davos, agrees to provide 62 men to the Stark cause. You go, girl! They then reach the home of House Glover, where Robert Glover is not interested in what they’re up to. He tells them how Robb was not able to protect their house from the Ironborn, and therefore, he no more wishes to associate himself to this. Gathering a few hundred men, Jon wants to attack the Boltons and take control of Winterfell, while Sansa thinks they’re not enough. We see her sending a letter to someone through a raven, and we hope she’s not inviting trouble. And this is how we’ll lead to the Battle Of The Bastards, possibly in the 9th episode. CANNOT WAIT!

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4. Arya Stark

Arya is badass. Last episode, we saw her detach herself from the Faceless Men and plan a getaway. Here, we see her bribing a trader from Westeros with two bags of coin, asking him to leave at dawn in a ship where she gets a cabin. At this point in the episode, we’re so happy to see her leave the madness and go away. But we forgot, it’s Game Of Thrones. She’s standing at a bridge where she’s greeted by an old woman, who within a fraction of a second attacks her, and is revealed to be The Waif. She is stabbed in the stomach by her, and escapes by jumping into the river. The Waif leaves, after maybe thinking that Arya’s dead, because we don’t see her rise from the water for a long time. However, she gets out and walks on the street bleeding ferociously, not knowing what to do or where to go. It’s not that she has her family to take care of her, or friends she’s made in Braavos. The only possibility of making friends was with The Waif, but she’s always seemed like a bitch, and it’s proved now. So we don’t know what’s going to happen with Arya, but she’ll definitely find a way out like always.

Game Of Thrones - The Broken Man

5. Ironborn Siblings

Yara and Theon Greyjoy have reached Volantis with their men and ships. In a brothel, Yara helps Theon gain his confidence back. She tells him how she needs him from this journey forward, for which he will have to be the Theon Greyjoy he was and not Reek made by Ramsay. She reveals her plans of taking the fleet to Daenerys and form an alliance with her, before Euron does, and then take back the Iron Islands from his clutches. To do all this, she needs to have her brother on her side, and Theon reassures her of his support. There’s something else that happens too, before and after all this pep talk, Yara is revealed as a lesbian. This is the first time Game Of Thrones has come up with a queer storyline. We hope Yara and Theon are able to do everything they have planned. And more importantly, we hope they’re not greeted by Euron anytime soon.

Game Of Thrones - The Broken Man

6. Jaime and Blackfish

Riverrun is a mess. Jaime, Bronn along with the Lannister army arrive at Riverun to witness the Frey sons hanging Edmure Tully and threaten Blackfish that they’ll execute him. Blackfish is not here for games, he knows they won’t do it, as long as the castle is in his hands, they cannot do it, as it’s their only hope, and refuses to surrender the castle. Jaime arrives and asks the Freys to stop with this foolery. He takes charge of the siege and attempts to parlay with Blackfish, only to get denied. He threatens to not spare the Tullys, and how the Lannisters will not show any mercy, but no, Blackfish is a man of honour. He’d rather die fighting than surrender. And he tells Jaime how he’s not going to give up his home so easily. What we know of this encounter is that there’s going to be a battle between the Tullys and Lannisters, and it’s going to get pretty tense. From next episode’s preview, we know Brienne will be joining it too, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Game Of Thrones - The Broken Man
Waiting for next Monday.

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