Types of roommates

Types of roommates

Sharing an apartment with someone is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be adjusting, patient and able to tolerate people. While things can go extremely long with a person, you can find a friend in the person you’re living with. But as obvious, you don’t know what you’re signing up for. A person who may seem good on the inside might have habits that annoy the life out of you, and a person who seems rude can turn out to be just as crazy as you. It all comes down to your level of patience and adjusting nature. The following are the types of people you can expect to be living with –

1. The annoyers

Let’s get real here, you don’t like them. You loathe their presence every time you see them or even hear them breathe. You don’t like them, it’s more of a “I wish he/she was eaten by a bear” kind of a feeling. They are downright annoying. They’ll keep taking your things without asking, ask stupid questions when not required, call you up for every other house problem, never pay rent on time, never stay silent when you need to concentrate on something, keep making loud noises all the time, disturb you 24/7 and never let you sit in peace. You are absolutely annoyed by whatever they do and sometimes wonder whether they are a work of the devil or what, because something definitely ain’t human about them. The only thing that’s keeping you in the apartment is the low rent.

2. The “do we live together?”

You’ll only seen them, well, never. You moved into apartment when the landlord told you about them. You saw their stuff lying around the house, expecting that they’ll probably turn up in the night. There have been many nights since that day, and you’ve barely seen them. They’re so engrossed in their own life and problems, they don’t have time to come home and relax. You just hear noises in the morning coming from the shower and from the door in the night. A little noise from the kitchen in the night maybe, that’s when they decide they have the time to eat food. That’s all you got in the name of a roommate. So if you were expecting dress up games, Friday night parties and movie nights, sorry for the disappointment man.

3. The best friends

They are the adorable ones that came as a gift along with the apartment. After a lot of research, you finally settle on an apartment. Getting these guys as your roommate is just icing on the cake.They’re super sweet at first and you feel comfortable befriending them. They have these positive vibes projecting from all over them, you immediately get attracted. Super sweet roommates now become just as stupid as you are and y’all start relating to each other. In no time, you become best buddies doing crazy things together. Watching movies, going to party on weekends, cooking together (lol no, ordering pizzas together), watching Game Of Thrones every Monday together, that’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about. #RoommateGoals

4. The never sober

They are like the guy in your college who showed up to early lectures with red eyes. And although he kept saying he didn’t get enough sleep, you knew what’s up with him. It’s the same, but here, you have to tolerate the same guy 24 hours a day. They are never sober. You’ve never seen the not high side of them. It’s always been “my roommate passed out on the couch again” story with you. And it’s not just on the couch, the bathroom, the kitchen floor, the gas stove, on the curtains, on the plants, on your dog (poor little guy), everywhere. There’s nothing you know about them, except that they drunk text their ex and weep in the closet all the time. And you also know another thing, they’re filthy rich (they can afford so much booze, duh!). Steal their money, they won’t even know.

5. The hosts

This type of roommate is like the annoyer, only worse. Let me explain them using a typical example. You’re back from work, after a disappointing day at work, looking forward to crying yourself to sleep. You reach home, ring the bell, and boom, there’s a party being hosted by your roommate. They have social gatherings every hour, and without prior notice, they host it in your house. Like it’s cool if you want to chill with your friends, but your roommate deserves to know about it. A little heads up wouldn’t kill you. They just always have to ruin your plans of chilling at home doing nothing. There are days you want to totally avoid people and suffer in silence, and that’s your right. But thanks to your roommate, there’s a guy passed out on your bed and now you don’t have a place to sleep, and after doing all this they ask you if you want a drink. F*ck off, maybe?
Never sober guy passed out on your clothes, btw.

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