8 Fun things to do with your roommate during Lockdown

Among many other things, COVID has left us bereft of the simple joys of life like erm…walking in the wind with no worries! COVID is the new normal now and we are undoubtedly stuffed up in our homes for months to come. So, you can either pout about it, or actually make the most of your time. *Barf*. We know this “rainbows and sunshine” attitude makes you roll your eyes so hard they could see the back of your brain, but buddy, one way or another you’ve got to find a way to survive this pandemic without losing your mind!

To top it off, living with your roommate without getting to go out for a change, can get on your nerves a little. So, here we have some simple ideas you can make do of with your roommate during this lockdown. Give them a go.  It’s not like you have something better to do anyway!

  • Movie Marathon
    It is finally time to pop out the popcorn and do a movie marathon you and your roommate have been talking about for months. Plug yourself off of your personal flix ‘n’ chill time and enjoy a movie marathon of movies like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Matrix, etc.
  • Create Your Starbucks Drink
    We all are missing our favourite go-to place to chill and work with some free WiFi- Starbucks. Well, time to turn on the magic of YouTube! Try and create your favourite Starbucks drink at home, which will also help you save some money you spend on those venti drinks.
  • Wake ‘n’ Bake Together
    If only we could get some green. Well, you surely can enjoy another form of baking with your buddy! Fetch out some amazing baking recipes which you thought was complex enough to do alone and blast out some music and get down to baking some. Baking together can be, in-fact, therapeutic.
  • Paint
    While we are at finding therapeutic ways to pass time, painting is a winner solution. You can paint together on a big canvas and hang it in your room as a collective masterpiece, or paint individually and see who did a better job.
  • Follow a Workout Routine
    Time to get off your butt and get out of the lethargic wormhole you’ve been in since, well, forever. Committing to a workout routine with a companion can be easier because you both can push each other to keep going and not give up.
  • Redecorate
    One way to break the monotony of the lockdown is by making some changes in how your place looks. While going out is unavoidable, you can order stuff from Amazon and give a completely fresh look to your place. If you want to avoid ordering online too, then you can always give your DIY skills a whirl!
  • Playtime
    You can never be to too old to enjoy some classic games like Monopoly, Lifestyle, Mono-Deal, etc. To take things up a notch, you and your roommate can start building a big puzzle!
  • Start a Prank-War
    We all have been fans of the decade long prank-war going on between the dear-friends Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon. Secretly, we have also wished to engage in some world-class pranks such as those while also, not compromising our bond with our peeps. Well now is the time to get your creative juices flowing.
    But you must engage in a prank war at your own risk because a lockdown can be an irritating time, and you don’t want to trigger an argument further. If you think you and your roommates are a sport, then go with it!

We are all in this situation together, whether we like it or not. So, let’s quit cribbing about it and remember all those times we wished we could go on an indefinite hiatus from work. Well, now you got it! These are hard times for sure but let’s be grateful to the company we have. Anything can go easier, when done together.

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