Staying near your workplace- a fitting solution to the ‘work from home’ paradox

Amidst the COVID brought pandemic, it is only but natural to prefer staying cooped up in your home to avoid unnecessary exposure. To fight these adverse situations and maintain the running of our daily functions of life, we have altered our routines to a great extent. One of these alterations is the most empirical, large-scale aversion from full-time office jobs to work from home. Almost every organisation today is operating with a large base of its employees working from home. Many big ventures like Tata Consultancy Services and some start-ups have even made announcement regarding making large percentage of their personnel to work from only permanently starting sometime in the near future.

While this step played a necessary tool in filling the adequacy in safety to control mass exposure, it is bound to hamper the productivity of work in the long run. Many working professionals have expressed strongly their desire to switch back to full-time office jobs citing many reasons for the same. As opposed to what anyone might perceive of the working conditions in WFH, many actually claim that it is much more stressful and takes up more than their usual working hours of offices. Also, home can be a distracting environment with many comforts surrounding us which reduce the efficiency.

Another problem WFH is bound to bring forth is the lack of communication. You can communicate only so much with all your colleagues while cooped up in your home. This is bound to create communication gaps and you might miss out on important information.

So, what could be a safer solution other than WFH to keep up with the pace of your job? One thing that makes sense in purview of today’s condition is staying near your workplace.

  • Safer Stays
    Staying near your workplace will ensure that you cover only minimal and necessary distance which reduces the exposure to a great extent. Moreover, almost all the co-living rental platforms are making sure they provide their tenants a sanitized and secure stays. So, while spending a few extra bucks out of your own pocket may seem like an inconvenience at first, it will definitely yield results in the future.
  • Healthier Way of Commuting
    Short distances let you choose healthier ways of commuting. It helps you at two fronts.
    You can avoid taking the bus or other forms of public transports like metro. You can walk to your office or even use a bi-cycle.
    The pandemic, if nothing, has been at-least an eye opener for us regarding our health. People are conscious about their fitness and health more than ever. So, walking a few miles is only going to do you some good.
  • Less-Expensive
    Shorter commutes save a lot of amount you otherwise spend on transport or fuel to cover long distances. This becomes worse if you are living in a metropolitan like Mumbai or Bangalore.With some extra savings in your pocket and less stress from not dealing with the hustle of heavy traffic and overwhelming crowds in public transport, you will feel more relived.
  • Productivity Boost-Up
    There is a reason why we have a designated place to carry out our jobs in a more efficient manner. The environment of an office, with all your colleagues working beside you, necessary documents right at hand, organised schedule and altogether the decorum, is bound to boost up not only your productivity but also, morale.
    Finding a secluded space with no distractions and disturbance at home can be quite difficult. Many people have even reported that they’d rather prefer to work at co-working places, if offices don’t get to open anytime soon.
  • Work-Life Balance
    WFH can include a pretty haphazard way of scheduling your hours for work and other parts of life. Often, you may find yourself multi-tasking trying to maintain work as well as your home which can be stressful. This is only natural to happen when you see your routine chores piling up in front of you.
    As you get to stay near your workplace, you can mange to handle your work-life balance in a more relaxed way.
  • Less Time Crunch
    One of the biggest shortcomings of living in a metropolitan like Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai is the time crunch that comes with travelling long distances. You find yourself spending three to four hours only on commuting. This is a major reason why many people are seen bringing their house chores (whatever are possible) in local trains in Mumbai.
    With having your workplace within a close proximity to your home can help you save those extra hours that you can not only take to mange your work, but also to spend some relaxed me-time.

There is no doubt that working professionals are leading very exhausting lives due to the stress of their jobs and long hours. To top it off, we are concerned about our safety more than ever. It is therefore extremely necessary that we devise a plan to maintain a healthy work-life routine where we get to be relaxed (and safe) without jeopardizing our jobs.
Living close to your workplace might sound like only an added expense to you at first but it can help you to a great extent in today’s situation.

Many questions have been raised about co-living’s practicality in today’s scenario. Many hostels and PGs have even asked their tenants to vacate the place. We at GetSetHome, understand the issues of a professional or anyone coming to a far-away place and trying to finding a safe home. Hence, we have taken all possible necessary steps like sanitizing our properties, making our operations more digital and pocket friendly, etc.
We have our properties in gated societies, which add on to your security, in all the prominent commercial areas like Hinjewadi, Baner, Koregaon Park, Magarpatta, Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, etc. in Pune. The properties are in close proximity to the IT parks which saves you from a tiring commute.
In Mumbai, we cover all major hubs like Andheri, Bandra, Vile Parle, Santacruz, Lower Parel, etc. All these areas ensure very good connectivity to the entire city.
So, all you have to worry about is deciding a date to move and leave the rest to us. We ensure you that the safety of our tenants is our foremost priority!

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