Types Of Friends You Don't Need

Types Of Friends You Don’t Need

Friends are a blessing, but not always. There are certain friends you are better off without. All they do is ask for favours, complicate life and judge you 24/7. There’s enough problems in your life, you don’t need snakes disguised as friends to create more. Following are the types of friends you don’t need –

1. Social Media Friend
These are not really friends, but just numbers in your friend list that don’t really matter. Occasionally, they hit you up with “like my picture message”, making you wonder why do you even give time to them. Unfriend right now and live a peaceful life.

2. Matlabi Friend
Everyone has this one person they know who only texts or calls when they need something. Who do you think I am? Big Bazaar? At first, you even consider helping them out with their problems, but when it gets into a habit, you stop. Cut the cord and leave.

3. Ex’s Friend
Anything that has the word ‘ex’ in it is something you should stay away from. Your ex might have introduced you to many of his/her friends but after the breakup, you need to stay away from them. They are more of “reporters” than actual “friends” as all they care about is your destruction.

4. Ex Friend
As they say, broken relationships can never be mended. Once you have broken contact with someone who used to be a friend, you cannot expect to have the same relationship again. This ex friend is always going to be an enemy in disguise, ready to bite you in the back as soon as they get the chance.

5. Hanging In The Contact List Friend
They don’t text you. You don’t text them. They don’t care about your existence and you don’t care about theirs. All this stupid friendship is doing is taking up your phone’s memory. When you know nothing can ever make you talk to them, why do you even have their number? Lose it, asap.

Time to break up.

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