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What Friendship Today Means

A lot has changed over the years. We have switched from telephones to mobile phones, emails to WhatsApps and outdoor games to PS4s and PUBG. Friendships have changed a great deal too. There are different categories of friendships now. There are friends you know since childhood.

Then there are people you know since school days and then come to your work buddies. The meaning of friendship is different for all of them. Friendship today is all about all the following –

1. First to like pictures

If your friend hasn’t liked all your pictures on every social media account you have, they’re not your friend. Get new ones, they don’t care about you. What could be as important as your picture? They better have a damn good excuse for not liking it. Unless they don’t, give them the silent treatment that they deserve.

Friendship Today

2. Occasional love and appreciation

It’s not just about liking pictures. Friendship today means being there for each other when someone is feeling low, unloved or under-appreciated. The friend jumps right in to tell you what an amazing creation of god you are and how they are proud of you, no matter what. If your friend doesn’t do that, get a new friend right now.

Friendship Today

3. Reality check giver

All the best minds in the world get a little too proud every once in a while. Other people might ignore them but it’s a friend’s duty to walk in and give a reality check when that happens. They tell you how to be grounded when you’re feeling too high of yourself. That is what real friendships are about, saying things like they are.

Friendship Today

4. Non-judgemental about everything

You may want to text four guys at the same time or start getting a crush on someone too random. You may even say stupid things sometimes. But what does a friend do? They listen to it all without passing judgements. If it’s bad, they’ll say it to your face. What they won’t do is judge you over it for the rest of their life.

Friendship Today

5. Partner in tom-foolery

We’re all new to this grown-up world. It seems like only yesterday when we were just some kids who passed 10th grade. But look at us now, working big jobs, pretending to be adults. That doesn’t mean a little foolery isn’t allowed everyone in a while. When you feel crazy, your friend joins you. You’re never alone in anything.

Friendship Today

Friendship today sounds like fun.

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