12 TV characters that would make good roommates

1. Leonard from Big Bang Theory

This guy can pretty much do anything if he can put up with someone like Sheldon. Apart from this, he’s pretty awkward himself, so you wouldn’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of him. The symbol of patience that he is, Leonard is the ideal roommate anybody could ask for.

TV Character

2. Chandler from FRIENDS

Paying for your acting classes to sorting the rent out for you when you’re broke, Chandler Bing is the kind of roommate everyone would want. The sarcasm that comes in handy with him would make you laugh all day and night. And also, he has the least dramatic life so you wouldn’t have to put up with any of that.

TV Character

3. Jay from Modern Family

The most chilled out character is Jay Pritchett. He has loads of money, not at all social, and very chilled out. Jay would make a perfect roommate for anyone because of his attitude, he doesn’t care about anything. You could do anything you want as long as you’re not disturbing him, and using his things, because that’s inviting trouble. Otherwise, you’re cool.  

TV Character

4. Barney from How I Met Your Mother

There are a million reasons as to why Barney Stinson would make a perfect roommate. You can expect the time of your life if this guy is living with you. He always has something or the other the do and you can be a part of it. He’s absolutely adventurous and always up for trying new things and he’s pretty self-absorbed so you wouldn’t have to worry too much. Suit Up!

TV Character

5. Tyrion from Game Of Thrones

Let’s clear it out first; for Tyrion to be a good roommate, you have to get him out of the Game of Thrones world, because you wouldn’t want to live there, trust me. And the only reason you would want Tyrion as a roommate is the lifelong supply of wine, and unmatchable sense of humour.

TV Character

6. Samantha from Sex and the City

Least bothered about anybody and no giving a damn about anyone’s opinion of her, Samantha Jones would make a perfect roommate. She’s beautiful, she’s charming and most importantly, fun to be around with. And you can always go to her for any problems as she has the best of solutions to everything. A gorgeous roommate and adviser, what else would you need?

TV Character

7. Charlie from Two and A Half Men

A person with beach house at Malibu has to be interesting. Charlie Sheen can be an awesome roommate for two reasons – a) because he has a lot of money and b) because he has a lot of money. You don’t even have to worry about paying the rent, that guy will work it out for you. What else would you want if Charlie Harper was your roommate?

TV Character

8. Serena from Gossip Girl

When you have Serena van der Woodsen as a roommate, trust me, you wouldn’t need anything. From lending some fabulous clothes to seeing her beautiful face everyday, one would definitely want Serena as a roommate. A character with a strong personality and attitude makes Serena a good roommate material.

TV Character

9. Jessica from Jessica Jones

There is only one reason as to why you would want Jessica to be your roommate. She is a super hero and who wouldn’t want to live with a super hero? In a problem? Jessica, your roommate to the rescue. You wouldn’t even have to worry about household chores. Who would care for household chores when they’re living with a super hero?

TV Character

10. Sloan from The Newsroom

Watching her exist is a sight to the eyes. A badass character like herself would make anyone want to be her roommate. She’s funny, witty and an absolute stunner when it comes to her personality. She’s also the one who wouldn’t care about whatever you’re doing. Living with her would be extremely entertaining and that is what makes her a good choice for a roommate.

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11. Peyton from One Tree Hill

An excellent friend with a good taste at music makes Peyton Sawyer a desirable candidate for being a roommate. Whatever might be troubling you, you can always expect her to help you through tough times. A complete rockstar that she is, Peyton is a good person to be roommates with.

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12. Ravi from IZombie

Funny and charming, Ravi Chakrabarti would make a perfect roommate. His awkwardness makes him absolutely desirable and also leads to many funny instances. For all the nerds out there, he would make a perfect partner for watching Star Wars and other cool things.  


Who would you choose as a roommate?

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