Landlords when you rent a house

Types of Landlords

Life is hard when you live in a rented apartments. A lot of things have to be done by you, without anyone’s assistance.Not only keeping up with rent checks, roommate drama and grocery shopping need to be taken into account, but also arguably the worst of the hassles: dealing with landlords. If you haven’t yet had the great opportunity of experiencing a landlord, here is a list of five personalities you can expect to come across.

  1. Judgemental

These landlords are the ones who have formed an opinion about you, way before you even open your mouth. These landlords have a one to one conversation with your clothes, your hair, your shoes, and based on this conversation, they decide what kind of a person you actually are. You may be completely different than who you are perceived in their minds, but it doesn’t matter, because they don’t care. The whole process of talking in not involved here, as the art of judging has been mastered by such kind of landlords.


  1. Side-eyed ravens

Has it ever happened to you where the landlord seemed extremely positive about renting the apartment but the next day you get a call and you are told that you won’t be getting the apartment? If yes, you have been a victim to the side-eyed raven. These landlords may smile to your face, but if you pay attention, they have been giving side-eyes to their spouses or the agent that brought you to them. They may seem like they would really want you as a tenant, but they are not even remotely interested in handing over the apartment to you.


  1. The Lecturers

Conversations with them seems like the boring class you attended back at school. These landlords turn everything around into a huge philosophy lesson. You learn a great deal from them, if you pay attention (which is really hard because it’s all so darn boring), as they can talk about anything. And God help you if you screw up, a decade long lecture is awaiting your doorstep. They are actually pretty cool as landlords, but you still would want to avoid them as you don’t have the patience to listen to them after a long day at work.

Landlords4. The Rude Ones

Calling up your landlord to inquire about your broken lock? Huge mistake! Not only will they respond with some rude comment, but also make you wonder as to whom did you kill that you deserve this kind of response. These landlords have a huge contribution towards making your life harder than it is. You may be the extremely polite person while talking to them, but they will never respond back in the same manner. Yes they’ve got to be so rude, yes they don’t know you’re human too.  The usual line used is “yeh mera problem nahi hai”, and you’ll soon learn how to pick your own battles.


  1. The Sweetings 

Best Landlords Ever : These are the kind of landlords who are so sweet and understanding, that you sometimes forget that they are your landlords. They are punctual, polite and aware of social etiquette, and are actually successful in doing their job, which above all else, is to maintain basic habitability requirements. You rarely have to ask them twice for anything, and they treat you with respect. You have absolutely no issues with them, they simplify your complicated life to a certain extent.

The downside is, of course, that this person does not exist.


What kind of landlord have you dealt with?

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