5 Typical types of Landlords you are most definite to encounter

Renting a home has an enriching process of its own. And while, with the growing world, it has gone easier, helping you to avoid most of the hindrances; there is one thing which you cannot avoid- dealing with landlords. As you move out of your home, you don’t even realize when your landlord becomes a big part of your life! You can hate them, be frustrated with them, adore them, but you can certainly not ignore them.

Here are the typical kinds of landlords you may encounter as you rent a place:

The Lazy one
This is the kind of trait which you will find most common in most of the landlords. They are all big words when you are finalizing a deal with them, but the moment you need some help from their end, they go AWOL. They will give all kinds of typical reasons to avoid getting any work done for the benefit of their tenants.

The Chill one
If you got one of these, then consider yourself blessed! They understand the minds and needs of the millennials and are alright with pretty much everything including having parties at the place, having boys stay over, bringing booze to the place, as long as the word doesn’t get out in the society!

The Neat-Freak
The landlords haven’t tolerated even a single layer of dust in the darkest corner in a room, and expect the same from their tenants right from the moment they step on, till the time they move out!

The Caring one
The sweetest kind, these landlords will act like a full proof guide to have a safer co-living. Giving tips regarding late night stays, handling uninvited guests, adjusting to a new big city, they have got all the pointers to make sure you live responsibly. They would actually check up on you to ensure everything is up and about with you and the place.

The Greedy one
These are hard to escape because that is the kind of thing intrinsic to almost all of the kinds of landlords. They would always try to make you pay a big amount upfront. Try paying the rent later than even the first of the month without getting an earful from them. You will most likely also encounter situations where they add up unrealistic charges of “damage to property” when your agreement ends.

Regardless of the place, you will have to attend weird and irritating demands of the landlords. The best way to keep up with that is to be extremely patient, and yet smart about the rights as a tenant.

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