9 Memes we can related to during this pandemic

Let’s call it what it is- 2020 sucks! COVID has been fighting tooth and nail to make sure we continue with this hell-ish life, cooped up at home watching all our plans go down the drain. The sheer thought, that we stayed up past midnight last New Year’s Eve, to celebrate the coming “blessing” feels loathsome now!

Everything seems to have changed around us, except one- the Meme World. The world-wide-sphere is still bubbling with memes that relate to our daily anecdotes and continue to lighten the mood a little.

Memes has always proved to be a perfect outlet to slip in subtle gimmicks, without making a controversy out of them. Nothing better relives our anxiety nowadays, than scrolling through some heartfelt memes. People now even relate to memes better than mere words!

Here are some of the memes that surfaced over during COVID, bringing the gravity of the pandemic down a notch and letting us have some healthy laughs:

Ever wondered how to get fame? Well, try competing with this anonymous named meme!
The “Binod” meme made its way on the social media after a YouTube user named Binod Tharu was found commenting only his name in the comments sections. The memes propped up with the intent of trolling him, and instead ended up with it being one of the top 10 trends in the country!
So, who got to have a last laugh!?

The classic Corona vs. Corona
Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, the beer brand Corona remained in the limelight for a long time! The beer brand hasn’t been able to escape the association with the virus. The rather “less-aware” population has been found to link the beer with virus, leading to increased internet searches for “coronva beer virus”. The sale for the Mexican beer saw its lowest dip in two years. Maybe there is a thing such as “bad publicity”!

Wo Rashi Thi…
We all have seen the overtly dramatic Indian television, and done nothing but accept it by this point of time. Soon after music producer Yashraj Mukhate’s ‘Kokilaben Rap’ went viral, netizens have been making peppy ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha?” memes, a dialogue from the popular show by the character Kokilaben in the popular show Saath Nibhana Sathiya.

The Near Call!
Remember when we thought we’d have a full raging world war three among US, China and Korea!? It is safe to say that 2020 has been one scary year.

Baby Yoda winning hearts
Merely a photo of Baby Yoda doing nothing can melt our hearts. Netizens have had their social media filled with Baby Yoda for quite few months now.

OK Boomer?
This meme has had quite an edge close to being a bit offensive, and yet we got loads of our laughs with this meme. Although the catchphrase was coined years ago, it came to attention after November 2019 Tiktok video “OK Boomer” actually became a standard reply to anyone showing outdated attitude, irrespective of their age.

Quick Escape from work
You’d think lockdown would feel like a holiday. But no! Work from home, online classes and whatnot has been taking a toll on us ever since lockdown started!

The constant China snubbing
The world didn’t hold back much to snub China bringing this biggest irresponsibility on our heads, making the world coming to a halt. And so, we saw an array of these subtle taunts to China.

The Torture of Online Lectures
Online classes have been such a drag for every student! You’d think you’ll finally get to experience the rush student life brings you, but well, COVID had other plans for us!

Times are surely tough but we, as netizens have always found a way to get through it. So, keep yourself occupied as much as you can and keep sharing the laugh-stock of memes to your loved ones to make their days better!

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