Types Of Beers

Types Of Beers

Beer lovers, where you at? Today is your day. Not that you need a reason to drink beer, a beverage that was sent straight from heaven on earth to make the world a better place to live in. What is better than beer, really? Nothing at all. Beer makes everything so great. But do you know what you’re drinking? To be a true beer lover, you need to know the different types of beers. Read through and educate yourself.

1. Ale
The most popular type of beers, ale is brewed using a warm fermentation method that gives it a sweet and fruity taste. There are many types of ale beers like Brown Ale, Pale ale, Golden ale, Indian Pale Ale, among others. The beer is brewed from barley that comes in a variety of flavours.

Types Of Beers

2. Lager
Another broad category under which most beers fall is the lager beer. The beer originated from the Austrian Empire, making it’s way to Germany where the beer is quite popular now. There’s many varieties to Lager like Pale, Vienna and Dark Lagers. Compared to others, it’s more carbonated.

Types Of Beers

3. Stouts
Falling under the category of dark beers, Stout is made using roasted malt or barley, hops, water and yeast. The dark colour is not necessarily due to strong alcohol content. There are many variations to the Stout beer like Milk Stout, Imperial Stout, Irish Stout and Dry Stout among others.

Types Of Beers

4. Porter
Porters are similar to Stouts with respect to colour. They are made from brown malts and are more stronger than Stouts. The London Porter is quite famous today, although the beer originated from Ireland. There are many varieties of Porter beers like pumpkin, vanilla, plum and chocolate.

Types Of Beers

5. Bitter
With alcohol strength ranging from 3% to 7% by volume, the Bitter beer is for everyone who like their beer strong and not fruity. The colour may not differ as much and can be changed using caramel colouring, making it hard to distinguish from others. Variations are ordinary, best, special and premium.

Types Of Beers

Happy Beer Lovers Day!

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