Things We Have Done On Social Media

Things We Have Done On Social Media

We have a lot to be thankful for. Internet opened up a lot of doors, one of them being connecting us to our family and friends virtually. Distance didn’t matter a lot when social media came into picture, and the rest is history. With Facebook hitting the 2 billion users mark recently, it just shows how the world is driven by social media presence. Honouring a buddy that made it possible for us to laugh at memes, here’s some of the things we have done on social media –

1. Foot in the water picture
This picture is what millennials define as an artistic picture. We’ve all been here. Those teenage days when we were new to social media, the very purpose of beach day was to click a picture like this and upload it on Instagram with the right kind of filter and an immensely deep caption that is probably taken from Google. But you know what? It’s cool. We’re all allowed to do this once.

Things We Have Done On Social Media

2. Selfies for all platforms
While taking a selfie, there’s a lot of things that one has to take care of. The correct lighting, the right angle that doesn’t make you look fat and the four different selfies for a profile picture on all social media platforms. The goal is set, and the whole time is spent on achieving that goal. Because changing the profile picture means changing it not on one, but everywhere.

Things We Have Done On Social Media

3. Stalked
The very first reaction when our friend tells us about some guy they’re seeing or when we see someone we don’t like with someone hot is checking them on social media. And now, it has become a habit. Stalking people is an art not many can perfect, but everyone tries their level best. If you’re not stalking, you don’t deserve to use any social media platform because you don’t understand the very purpose of it.

Things We Have Done On Social Media

4. Judged
All you need to know about a person in and out is browsing through their social media profiles and bios. Facebook bio says a lot, even things that are not written. We all possess the ability to lay down the pros and cons in a person just being looking at their profiles, which is also called judging. And don’t you deny, you’ve done it too. Seeing display pictures is enough to know how a person is.

Things We Have Done On Social Media

5. Made friends
Social media isn’t all about hate, stalking and judging. It is also a huge platform to meet new people, make new friends. We’ve all befriended many people on social media when we see how they are so similar to us. There’s many of them who have still stuck around and are a huge part of our lives now. Sure, you do come across weirdos and creeps but there’s a lot of people out there who are so much better than them.

Things We Have Done On Social Media

Happy Social Media Day!

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