Why Dogs Are Better Than People

Why Dogs Are Better Than People

Human beings are weird. One second they say they’re here for you, and the second it gets darker, you’re all alone. You know who would be there for you in sickness and in health? Dogs. They will never suddenly stop loving you one day. There are many more reasons which show why dogs are better than people.

1. They are selfless. Dogs don’t ask you what you’ll be doing for them in return for them staying by your side. They just stay, no questions asked.

2. Dogs don’t drain you emotionally and then ask you why you’re behaving weird. They’ll always see to it that you’re happy when they are by your side.

3. You don’t have to make extra efforts to make friends with them. You see them, they sniff you, you pet them, and boom, you guys are best friends already.

4. Dogs don’t have demands. They come to you with a liast of things they need and start acting up if you don’t. All they need is your unconditional attention.

5. Dogs believe in you. They don’t make you feel like a total useless person. They can’t speak but you know they’re always saying “go get it, you stunner!”

6. It’s so easy to get attention from dogs when you’re lonely. All you have to do is show up with a packet of treats and they’ll come running to you.

7. Dogs don’t make stupid excuses. In fact, they don’t make any excuses at all. You want them to be there for you? Guess what, they’re never leaving at all.

8. Dogs are not dumb like human beings. They don’t act all clueless or try to be cute. They’re effortlessly cute. They don’t even have to try a bit.

9. Unlike people, dogs cannot pretend. They’re not friends to you one second and ditch you in the other. Their friendship with is for life. No sorry, no thank you.

10. Dogs always make sure they cheer you up when you’re sad. Just by looking at them, you feel better. How many human beings can you say that about?

Dogs over people, any day.

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